Really wanna ABSORB what's going on? Then...

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" the news rather than watch it"!

Now, I can't take credit for this concept, since it was part of an article I read in my most recent copy of Money Magazine ... but you'll notice I said I was READING it as it caught my eye (and attention), so what does that tell ya? This is NOT, however, to say we should eliminate TV altogether. In fact, for many of you/us out there (yes, I'm guilty too) you/we might find it difficult to survive without our shows. However...

As part of that same "How I'm Coping with a Scary Market" article, Jean Chatzy quotes Kathleen Gurney as saying: "Anxiety inhibits our ability to perceive what we're hearing and seeing" and then goes on to say: "When anxious people listen to the news on TV or on the radio, sometimes they pick up only the negative information". Reading at our own pace (twice over for some of us!) allows us to take what we've read in at our own pace - rather than the Announcer's - thus absorbing and digesting the content that much better. Anyway...

Within April's edition of Money Magazine, Jean Chatzy offers consumers sound advice in her Time to Hunt for a Vacation Home article. This comes just 1-month after another well-written/well-presented Time Magazine article by Mr. Dan Kadlec known as: Ignore the Headlines!

My opinion? Well, um, er...

I'd share it with you here, but then you might not read either one ... and that's assuming you've made it this far! Of course, any of you can always contact me right here, through our office, or - better yet - my cell!

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Katherine Anderson
Coldwell Banker Hobin Realty, LLC - Hampton & Rye, NH, USA - Exeter, NH
Managing Broker
I enjoyed your post and the two articles that you referenced.  We are seeing a lot of fence sitting in our local market and have been trying to convince folks that now is a good time to buy.  There really is just so much doom and gloom on the news and this scares people.  Unfortunately, many folks find it easier to take guidance from a trusted magazine than their local REALTOR, so  I am going to have these articles as reference to help us convince the fence sitters to help themselves.  Thanks for the post.  
Apr 21, 2008 04:23 AM
Scott Mosher
Northstar Realty Sales - Lincoln, NH
Loon Mountain Real Estate, Lincoln & Woodstock NH

Thanks for your acknowledgement Katherine. I'd been away for longer than I'd hoped, and it certainly is nice knowing that somebody came upon this post. Even better than that though, it appears that my post served it's purpose, and provided something positive for at least one somebody out there.

As always, my best to you and yours!


Apr 24, 2008 11:42 AM
Jolynne Photography, Creative Wedding Photography, Family Portraits, Bar Mitzvahs
Jolynne Photography - Hemet, CA
Bat Mitzvahs, Senior Pictures, Event Photography

After looking at those lodge rentals I'm thinking it might be time to hunt for a vacation home...

Shouldn't be too hard in your area. Looks beautiful.

May 02, 2008 10:55 AM
Debbie Summers
Charles Rutenberg Realty - New Smyrna Beach, FL

Scott - I quit watching the news 2 years ago... I read the paper or look online.  I don't want the personal spin that tv stations put on everything.

May 22, 2008 12:56 AM
Scott Mosher
Northstar Realty Sales - Lincoln, NH
Loon Mountain Real Estate, Lincoln & Woodstock NH


My thoughts exactly! Glad you enjoyed this post, and I hope to see more of you out here in the Rain!



May 23, 2008 10:49 AM