REI A Work Life Balance - Might be easier said then done!

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A few weeks back, it was the Labor Day weekend holiday and I remember how it use to feel to wake up to the screaming alarm clock Monday morning after a long weekend. You almost want to scream like Homer Simpson "DUH"!!!! It flashes before your eyes, a weekend of fun, a weekend of no 9 to 5 job and a weekend to do what you really wanted to do!

The worst time were the Winter holidays.  I think back to those cold crisp mornings as I headed out the door and made the 18 mile journey to the big city of downtown Chicago. They was a cold chill in the air as I would make that two hour commute. My car did not want to drive as much as I did not want to go.  I would turn the key and hear the car moan wroo wroo wroo, just leave me parked please!!!

I remember when I was in Corporate America and worked for a very large CPA firm, The firm always would encourage employees to have a work-life balance between our career and home life. However, the only problem was that sometimes Management expected more out of you and did not create the atmosphere that was conducive to the work-life balance theory.

With your Real Estate Investing Business, you need a work life balance too. You need to work hard but also find time for LIFE. To experience life, enjoy life and do things today that will create memories for tomorrow for you and your family. Enjoy yourself and reward yourself for your efforts, even if you still did not do a deal but you have been doing all the right things, have a little reward for your self.

This reward could be a night out at the movies or dinner. If your spouse has been working hard, a little encourage for their efforts could be just the thing both of you might need right now. If one spouse is always doing the cooking, now is the time to go out to dinner or stay in and have a pizza and movie night.

Some keys to remember is to work hard but do not forget the reasons you are doing this. Often in corporate America I would see very driven people that worked very hard for success. However, they sacrificed time and more often then not family time. The moments in life they may never have an opportunity to get back. So this is the time to create goals for work, your real estate business but also for your LIFE! 

If you get a little burned out with real estate investing take a day off.  Ok may 2 days off.  However, if you take more than 3 days off in a row and you are not on vacation, WARNING!, you may have shelved your real estate efforts!  Don't do it!  Always remember why you started in the first place.  You will be on a path toward success but remember that work-life balance! Do the things today that others do not want to do and tomorrow you might be doing things that others only dream about doing! Go make it a great day!  Believe and Achieve! - Joe

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