Ease the Stress of Moving with Pets!

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Moving is stressful – period. From the furniture, to the endless number of possessions and junk (most of us have as least some) one so easily manages to collect over the years, when you’re faced with emptying out an entire house full of stuff, plus perhaps children, plus perhaps pets (sigh) and everything else in-between, it can seem nothing shy of daunting or even impossible. Thankfully, there are helpful resources all over the internet ready to be utilized by those en route to a new destination. I recently found an article from the National Association of Realtors website tailored specifically to make the move for your pets – and therefore you – a little easier. It includes 10 simple tips for before, during, and after the move that hopefully will serve to keep your pets, at the very least, calm throughout the process. Below is the link, happy moving!


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