I'm so confused!!

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I was sitting watching t.v. today and happened to notice all the commercials for Real Estate companies.  I watched each one with interest, not that it was anything spectacular or out of the ordinary.  Just curious as to what they had to say, myself being a Realtor belonging to a company that does not advertise.  From one company telling the world all about their new system and how its going to show them homes in the neighborhood for sale from the Internet (no names mentioned) to another company talking about the jacket he wears and why.  Each one of them claiming how they are keeping up with the new times.  Hmmmmm, seems to me that jacket is old history. If I wore a certain type of jacket would that mean that you can trust me more or I'm more knowledgeable than the other agent of a different company?  Now I'm not here to down any company or anyone working for them, after all I may be working with you someday.  My point is that they all pretty much say the say thing.  So how do you pick a company to fit your real estate needs?  How would you go about picking out a real estate agent to help you sell your home or purchase a new home?  Do you find the commercials differentiating themselves from one another, so much that you could pick a name off the top of your head and say " I want to use that one"!  What about the real estate agent that works for that company?  Do you look at a picture and say, "Hey they look like they know what their doing".   Can you tell by a picture that that agent is going to do the best they can for you?  I mean every agent is going to do the same thing for you.  If your going to sell, they will list your home.  If your going to buy, they will help you search for a home within your criteria (One would hope).   Each agent has their own ideas on how to list or search for your home.  How to get the word out.  Not every one will do more than hang a sign in your front yard and hope the phone rings.  Purchasing a home, how many really listen and show you what your really looking for?  Now I'm really confused!  Commercials, pictures, yellow pages, Internet, Wow!  How do I choose an agent?  Call a few, set up an appointment with them.  Talk to them.  Does your personality and theirs clash or fit?  Do they talk, or do they listen?  Do they ask the right questions about  your wants and needs?  Do they really hear you, or are they to busy trying to get your business?   Are they familiar with the area your thinking of moving in to?  Just to give you a general idea.  How often do you need to communicate to feel your needs are being met?

Searching for the right Realtor can be confusing. Think of it this way your putting the most valuable asset in someone else's hands.  Take your time and find the right person to work for you.


This is a reflection of my thoughts and my opinions not to be taken as legal advice in any way.

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George Hanson
Olympic Northwest Mortgage - Bremerton, WA
your thoughts are i feel alot of potential customers think about too...How can i find the right agent for me?   Oh we have a city called Auburn in Washington state too....just noticed where your from...
Feb 19, 2007 02:32 PM