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Becoming pre-approved for the purchase of a home is essential if you want to spend your time wisely. If you're pre-approved for a mortgage loan, then you know exactly what price home you can buy. Pre-approval is different than pre-qualifying and the difference is important. Pre-approval means a buyer has gone through the credit and full verification process of a mortgage lender, and the lender is ready to write the check. A pre-approval is a lender's firm commitment on a loan. This lets you to enter into negotiations with the seller with confidence. Pre-qualify simply means that certain financial data has been provided to a lender and based on the information provided, a buyer should be able to afford a home in a determined price range, but nothing has been verified as to the true credit-worthiness of the buyer. A pre-approved buyer is gold to a home seller. It's the best position a buyer can be in when negotiating a home purchase.

Getting pre-approved can also eliminate a lot of stress for both parties. If the buyer is aware of the amount of the home that can be purchased, then looking at and making offers on homes out of the price range is avoided. There's nothing more disappointing than to find the home of your dreams only to be told by a lender that you do not qualify for the loan. It's disappointing for both buyer and seller, and can be easily avoided by becoming pre-approved for the home purchase.


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