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4-Steps To Stage Your Home For a Fast Sale

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For a Fast Salemake the biggest difference to the sales price.  Getting the biggest bang for your buck usually means getting a fresh coat of paint on strategic walls and areas.  New paint is an inexpensive way to show a home in its best condition.  Do this:

  •   Check the paint condition of the INTERIOR of a home by removing pictures off walls.  It will probably need painting.  Remember to get inside painting done first, before any cleaning.
  •   Check the paint condition of the entire EXTERIOR of the home.  If it's pealing or worn, the buyer will notice it immediately.  Don't devalue your home by trying to sell it in poor paint condition.  Pay particular attention to the front door, mailbox, garage doors, and walkway areas.  These are where the buyers will be walking and noticing problems. 

Also consider the following items to attract buyers with quality offers:

  •   Professional Cleaning.  Get a professional firm in to CLEAN the entire home.  Floors, ceilings, windows, fireplace, carpet, drapes -- everything!   Also, check for ODORS.  If you have a pet, your home probably needs to have carpets cleaned or deodorized.  Any odors make a home less attractive.
  •   Home Inspection.  Check for termites and functional obsolescence.  Many homeowners actually have their home inspected prior to putting it on the market.  It makes a good impression to the buyers when you have your own inspection completed by an independent company.  It will also save embarrassing situations with buyers who discover problems.
  •   Landscaping.  The landscaping should look immaculate.  Make sure the lawn is groomed, flower beds are clean, leaves are removed, and weeds are pulled.  Check the bushes and trees for grooming also. 

STEP #4:  Show the Home In the Best Light.

Always turn on the LIGHTS when showing.  Make sure you turn on all lights around the home before a buyer gets there, including…

  •   These include: the mailbox light, front door, entry (especially if the entry is dark), and dark hallways.  Make your home alive, by being inviting and bright.  Bright homes sell better than dark homes.
  •   Leave all front area curtains and drapes open.  Have you ever seen model homes?  The drapes are always open at night, and the lights are on.  Why?  Because it shows the home better.  Also, when you keep drapes open during the day, people touring through the home will experience more natural light.

There’s one last step to sell for Top Dollar: 

An experienced Home Marketing Expert can net you more money and save you time with selling your home by:

¨     Assisting you in pricing your home… so it sells for the most money possible, and you have more for your next home.

¨     Providing you exposure by marketing your property to other real estate agents and the public, through the official MLS… so it sells in less time, and you can move on.  Homes that sell fast sell for the most money!

¨     Screening buyer calls, showing buyers your property, and negotiating… so you don’t have to constantly be available, and know things are done correctly to sell your home.

¨     Coordinating the closing process including: opening an escrow account, completing requirements for a purchase contract (disclosures, inspections, and other legal documents)… so you don’t have to think about all the details and are protected.

e protected.

Sharon Parisi
United Real Estate Dallas - Dallas, TX
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Jeffrey, these are all important points.  If only everyone had the desire and finances to complete everything on the list.

Sep 25, 2015 05:38 PM