Soft Side. Market Side. Which Side Matters The Most?

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The "Soft Side" of real estate = Showing your audience you care.  

Connecting with your sphere of infulence and prospects on an emotional level can show you understand real estate is emotional.  That it's about people.  Positioning your marketing efforts from the "soft side" allows you to creatively engage with your audience on topics like family values and traditions, holidays, sharing recipes, tips on savings and more.





The "Market Side" of real estate = Showing your audience you know your stuff.  You know the maket.  

Connecting with your sphere of influence and prospects on a statistical level can show you understand market trends.  You help sellers and buyers understand market flucations and pricing data.  Positioning your marketing efforts from the statistical "market side" allows you to engage with your audience on topics like pricing data, market demand and how these factors affect client's housing choices.  


Who's right?




Soft Side + The Market = ?



What do you think?  Which side is "The Way" to marketing your real estate business?  

Can both the "soft side" and "market side" of real estate marketing co-exist or must you choose?


Michael Oden

That's #RealEstateSuccess

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Michael Oden

New Horizon Financial Services, LLC

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Lucy Popiel-Hasaj
Madison Adams RE - Saddle River, NJ
Residential Real Estate.

I think both sides are important. You want to show that you are professional but also that you understand their excitments and concerns. Most recently I learned that "Market side" should be priority.

Sep 28, 2015 10:23 AM
Michael Oden
New Horizon - Marietta, GA
Marketing Coach & Accountant for real estate agent

Lucy, you bring up an excellent point!  I agree with you.  Both sides are important.  Here is my opinion.  What comes first, real estate or real people? People buy real estate, not the other way around.  Our philiposhy is to market creatively, show you care and share your knowledge.  I think the closest one can get to 50/50, the better.  

Sep 28, 2015 01:12 PM