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I have been helping people buy and build homes since 1995.  I care about my clients and I make sure they are in the best possible loan program for there situation.  When deciding on a home loan I look at the needs of the client such as:

  • How long will they live in the home.
  • Will there be any major financial changes in the future (kid's collage, home improvements or additions, starting a new business or buying additional properties). 
  • How much Money do they want to spend on the purchase.

I believe it is vital to find out what type of needs a client has and then offer them financing options that best suits there situation.  Because of this commitment to my clients and the very wide variety of loan programs I am able to be one of the best sources for home loans in Michigan.

Areas of Expertise

First Time Home Buyers 

I have been helping first time home buyers achieve the owning dream for many years.  I am always searching and finding the best zero down loans with the best possible rates and fee's.  I also hold educational seminars teaching people how to buy there first home.

Investors / Rental Property

I have extensive experience helping real estate investors purchase and refinance rental properties.  The rules are always changing for investor loans and I am always studying new and existing loan programs to insure I am able to act as a consultant as well as a lender for my investor clients.  I work with people that own 1 to 80 rental properties thought out south east Michigan.

Log and Modular Construction

Since 1998 I have been helping people build there dream homes.  Building and financing a log home is a very unique project.  Most lenders won't touch them and the ones who say they will are sometimes unaware of the intricacies that in a log home project.  I found that I had a knack for these types of projects and have found the best lenders in the country for log homes.  Because I was set up to do log home I found that I could finance modular for much less then most lenders were offering.  I have gained a reputation in these markets as being one of the fairest priced lenders who offers some of the best terms and service.  I am committed to walking my clients through the process to ensure there complete comfort with he construction financing process.

Cookie Cutter Loans

I call the cookie cutter loans because these are the easiest mortgages for use to process and close.  We work with a dozen lenders in the country to ensure that no one beats our fees and rate.  If you are looking to buy, build or refinance I highly recommend you get a quote from me.  It will help you guaranty that you are receiving the best rate and terms that you are entitled too.


Hi David,

The tile is going well.. I still have to do the molding, but the floor is pretty much done! I love it... and thanks so much for lending the saw... a big help!

It's been kind of hectic moving in and I don't really feel settled and comfortable yet, but owning a home really is amazing. It's been a wonderful experience, and it feels so great to actually own it and be able to do whatever I want without answering to a landlord. Also, working with you was really great... I felt very comfortable and confident that I could trust you (especially with the overwhelming amount of forms!). Thanks for making it a smooth process and as stress-free as possible...




Dear David:

          Pat and I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided in arranging both a first mortgage and home equity line of credit on our recent condo apartment purchase.  It was a particularly complicated transaction with the property and two owners all in different out-of-town locations, and you managed the closing process extremely well.

          We were also pleased with your creativity in finding the interest-only three-year ARM coupled with the HELOC that fit our situation perfectly.  Homestead has so many mortgage choices, it allowed you to tailor-make a program for us.

          Thank you again for your professionalism in arranging our financing package for the condo.


R. Griffith McDonald



We have doing business with Homestead Mortgage for the past three years.  Our mortgage representative is David Crisp, from the Ann Arbor branch.  We started what seemed like and overwhelming task building a home.  Mr. Crisp made the building loan process seem pain free.  From start to end my husband and I felt at ease with the whole loan process.  David Crisp was able to transfer our construction loan into a conventional loan without any trouble.  We are now going thru a loan process with Mr. Crisp so we may achieve a vacation home.  We would highly recommend Mr. David Crisp from Homestead Mortgage anytime.           Thank you,  Rick and Kathy Meyer, Pinckney, MI   


Dear Dave Crisp,


From all of us at Heritage Log Homes of Michigan, we would like to say thank you for your support in making our business a success and also in helping making our client's dreams come true.  The services that you provide to our clients are very important to us.  It's nice to know that once we have turned over a signed client's information to you that we know the ball is rolling and certain timing expectations are being met.  The way you work with us and in the way you follow up with our clients in a professional manor shows a direct reflection on our company.  You are an intricate part of selling log homes.  Not many clients are in a position to pay cash, nor are two clients alike.  You have been able to find financing programs for our clients with great services and good rates.  Our builders also like your programs, because they can create their own draw schedules, which means they don't have to go long periods before receiving their draws.  I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future between our two companies.

Thank you,

John Kacic
Heritage Log Homes of Michigan, Inc.

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