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I have been watching several video blogs. Some of them are very interesting but I am finding it hard to watch a complete video or property blog in its entirety. I wonder what our clients think or will think in the future. Are consumers going to tire of these videos. Are they going to become cumbersome like the old video tours? I am sure there are things we should consider when video blogging information or property. Does any one have thoughts on these videos and what we should consider to get our videos watched. I am going to be investing in new equipment for video but I am beginning to wonder if it will be worth it? Do you think video blogging is here to stay? What are the rules that will take us into the future?

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Julie, welcome to Active Rain!!! I think the new and up and coming feature to have and know how to do is video blogging. If you haven't already done so, stop by Brad Andersohn's blog posts which are loaded with great information on video and more. The wave of the future is video - until something that we don't even know about comes along, but can't think of what it would be. On AR, we are presented with awesome opportunities to learn, to try, and to improve in a safe and friendly environment. Go for it!!! What have you got to lose?



Apr 19, 2008 06:34 AM
Steve Homer
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Julie:  Just got my FLIP camera and have my Sony DV Camera and Firewire setup all complete now, so I am ready to get rolling on video bloggin as well.  Let's link up sometime and compare notes on how to do this successfully!
Apr 19, 2008 10:22 AM
Fred Light
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I can't speak of video blogging, as I don't do it, but I do real estate tours. 

I think the way you have to look at video is this: Video will (and should) NEVER replace photos. Buyers search online based on their criteria FIRST. Then they look at photos SECOND. It may be just quick browse/ click through to see if they have any additional interest. If they LIKE the photos, THEN they watch the video. And at that point, they ARE willing to wait a bit longer and sit through a longer video, scrutinizing things in far more detail. I find often times people watch the video several times - they want to suck up as much information and detail as they can to determine if it's something they're interested in. THEN, they either put it on their short list, call a realtor, or whatever and go see it in person. THEN you have an ultra serious customer, who pretty much knows EXACTLY what they're getting.

The mistake a lot of people make is thinking (or wishing) that video will REPLACE photos, and I don't think it ever will (or should!). Virtual tours (of any kind, really) should be called "MORE" - because that's what people are seeking when they get to that step - MORE. More info, more photos, more details. They're interested. GIVE THEM MORE! That's why it puzzles me that so many realtors, in their virtual tours/slideshows, simply regurgitate EXACTLY what the buyer JUST saw two seconds ago in the MLS! Just because you're now zooming in and out on those exact same photos does NOT change the fact that you're not giving them anything MORE! They want additional photos, different angles, highlights, bigger photos, etc. Not just the same crap again in a different format set to cheesy music. I think a lot of buyers are now wary of downloading ANY virtual tours, because so many of them are just redundant and a complete waste of their time. It's a bit insulting I think.

Video will do what it's supposed to do... as long as you understand what it IS and what it ISN'T.

I generally get a bit bored watching video tours (and I watch a LOT of them!), but I can tell you, if I was actually interested in buying a home, I would watch that video and scrutinize and absorb every little detail.  Probably would watch it several times. I think that's how most people view video.

Apr 19, 2008 10:58 AM

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