House Staging Tips for the Bathroom

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House Staging Tips for the Bathroom

When you’re staging your home, the last thing you want is to distract the potential buyer with a messy bathroom. Even if you think your bathroom is clean and ready for showing, there are often things that are easy to overlook. While most people say that a kitchen can sell a house, a bathroom has its own impressive qualities. Ashley Kimble Slaughter has put together some tips to help get your bathroom staged so that it sells.

Why Stage a House?

When you’re selling your home, you want to create a space that allows a potential buyer to see themselves in the house. In order to do this, personal items should be removed from the space and every care should be taken to make sure things are clean and in good working order. You want the rooms in your home to have a broad appeal. The process doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Adding a few new items can makes things fresh and appealing.

Remove the Clutter and Personal Items

One of the first things you’ll want to do is remove any clutter in the bathroom. Consider things that usually sit on counters, the back of the toiler, or the edges of the bathtub. Remove personal items and medicine bottles from the cabinets. It’s best to have a special box you can store these items in during the selling of your home. Place the box out of sight.

Be sure to get rid of half empty bottles of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. Put away makeup items, hair products, and makeup brushes. When you have items sitting on counters and other surfaces it can make the room seem smaller. This is the last thing you want to do when showing your home to a potential buyer.

Store away items like toilet brushes and plungers. While these may be useful items, they are unsightly. Remove worn towels, toilet covers, old rugs, and shower curtains.

Deep Clean the Bathroom

After the declutter process, it’s time to move on to the deep cleaning of the bathroom. Remove stains and soap residue from the shower and tub areas. Remove any cleaning residue by rinsing the surfaces with clean water. Clean any tile grout thoroughly. One area many people overlook is the track that holds shower doors. Another area people neglect is the top of the shower insert.

Clean all faucets, handles, and behind these areas. Pay special attention to the crevices and under the handles. Using a new toothbrush can do wonders when trying to deep clean these small places.

Clean all the light fixtures and replace bulbs so that everything is bright and welcoming. Lighting can make all the difference and turn a shadowy space into one that is appealing to potential buyers.

If you have hampers and trash cans in the bathroom, consider removing them during showings. If this isn’t possible, make sure they are clean and in a place that is as out of the way as possible. These can make the space seem smaller if not placed correctly.

Bring in New Items

Since bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms in the house, they take a bit more thought when staging. They don’t usually have many furnishings to use to your advantage.

Clean any windows and make sure nothing is blocking them from having an amazing view. Add some flowers or a small plant.

Replace your old shower curtain with one that has a neutral tone. Do the same with any accent rugs. Adding a new toilet seat is inexpensive but adds to the clean look of the bathroom.

Though you don’t want much on the counters near the sink, place a new bottle of hand soap. Replace the old toilet paper roll with a new one. Choose a new hand towel that compliments the neutral colors in the space. This can be your small pop of color. These are small things that will impress potential buyers and help you sell your home faster.

Looking for more ideas on how to sell your home quicker? Give Ashley Kimble Slaughter a call at 225-235-9379.

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John Pusa
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Ashley - Thanks for the very valuable staging tips for the bathroom.

Sep 30, 2015 02:29 PM
Kevin J. May
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Ashley, I wholly expected this to be a seat up or seat down proposition. There's so much more!

Sep 30, 2015 04:38 PM
Sheila Anderson
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Good morning Ashley. When my home was on the market, the professional photographer removed everything from the bathroom before he took the shots. No towels, no soap, no nothing.

Sep 30, 2015 10:25 PM