To Photograph Or Not To Photograph, That Is The Question

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 Ahh, spring has finally sprung here in Alcona County Michigan. I don't know about the rest of you, but I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to the migrating birds in our yard once again. In my semi-retirement I have even taken to gardening, both flower and vegetable. In fact, yesterday I spent the whole day transplanting my perennial flower garden from one space to another at my husband's request. Taking advantage of the great weather to work in the garden and spruce up the yard are wonderful activities-particularly since most Northern Michiganders know that more than likely, nasty weather, even more snow-are more than likely to occur before "real" spring/summer set in.

That brings to mind a question that both real estate professionals and homeowners ask at this time of year. They want to know if they should wait until the leaves are out and the flowers are up to order their 360° virtual tours.

To photograph or not to photograph is an individual call but in truth, if the exterior is important to the sale, as it often is in my neck of the woods, it doesn't hurt to wait until the leaves are open. It is not as important for the flowers to be in bloom. Winter scenes are beautiful as are spring/summer and even autumn, but just before the leaves open-after the snow departs-the landscape looks kind of desolate and lacking. Key Solutions always offers the option of an exterior retake to our customers but we keep them cognizant of the fact that interior window shots would still reflect the barren landscape. The other alternative we have used is to photograph now and post the homeowner's own snapshots of their yard if they have good quality shots.

In the meantime, I take advantage of good weather, (whenever we get it), working out of doors pursuing my personal enjoyment of preparing my garden or sitting on the patio observing nature every chance I get-in awe, praise and thanksgiving for the Lord and His bountiful gifts.

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