Work on your business not in it.

Services for Real Estate Pros with Virtual Access Tours Monmouth and Ocean County NJ

2 years ago when I started the virtual tour business I joined BNI. One of the members was a business coach and her tag line was "work on your business not in it" I really never got what she meant and I didn't want to ask as everyone else seemed to get it. I figured it was my blonde block.

After 2 years now going on 3 I finally get it! It means ( to me) If you can imagine a restaurant owner being the cook, the waiter, the hostess and the manager all at the same time. The business would soon fail as he never had time to work on growing it.

That's how I was handling my business and it never grew. I learned this the hard way but now I'm on track. I invested in the tools and services that free me up to go out and get sales. 2008 started off with increased revenue enough to quit my day job and work full time On My Business.

Hope this story helps you too!



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