Earth Day April 22nd

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 Hi Folks,We only have one Earth, so lets take care of our home each and everyday.

Here are some common sense remedies that we often overlook in our busy lives. 


Reduction at Home

Consider reducing your purchase of products that contain hazardous ingredients. Learn about the use of alternative methods or products-without hazardous ingredients-for some common household needs. For more information on this review suggested alternatives to common hazardous household items.

Collection Options-Municipalities and Local Governments Facilitating Reuse, Recycling, and Proper Disposal

  • Permanent collection or exchange. See if your community has a facility that collects HHW year-round. Some of these facilities have exchange areas for unused or leftover paints, solvents, pesticides, cleaning and automotive products, and other materials. By taking advantage of these facilities, materials can be used by someone else, rather than being thrown away.

  • Special collection days. If your community doesn't have a year-round collection system for HHW, see if there are any designated days in your area for collecting solid waste at a central location to ensure safe management and disposal.

  • Local business collection sites. If your community has neither a permanent collection site nor a special collection day, you might be able to drop off certain products at local businesses for recycling or proper disposal. Some local garages, for example, may accept used motor oil for recycling.

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