Would Oprah Make a Good Real Estate Agent?

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Today on The Mo Show - Free Marketing Tuesday Edition - we discuss this week's marketing question "Would Ms. Oprah Winfrey Make a Good Real Estate Agent?"


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I have been blessed with a wonderful personal and business career not because of my business acumen or savvy marketing skills, but my genuine spirit.  I care about people, first.  I never do business with people I can't bring value too.  Even if they are willing to give me a check.   Most importantly, I never do business with people I don't like.  But here's the catch for me.  I like genuine people.  They present all cards at the first meeting!  So I'm able to tell very quickly who I'm willing to be business with.  I just listen to see if they are trying to give something to me or take something from me.


Ms. Oprah Winfrey is the Queen of giving.  "You get a car, you get a car" was the wish of every person who ever sat in her studio.  Oprah sells Goodwill on planet earth better than anyone only because she is genuine. Being genuine and ushering Goodwill equals trust.  When people feel like you have their best interest at heart no matter if you make a dollar, they will begin to feel like they can trust you.  Then they like you. So if you want to sell houses like Oprah sells TV ads and magazines, start selling your genuine Goodwill too.  Be the type of agent Oprah would be and watch your real estate business soar!


I have been able to do well in life because I'm always willing to share something I learned or a money making opportunity with others.  Regardless if we do business or not, I simply share good information or potential solutions that will make someones life better.  Using a podcast show to frequently share your market knowledge and show you care about the families in your target markets is a smart marketing move.  Your voice and genuine spirit of giving good information to the market place will power all of your marketing efforts!  Your audience will get to know like and trust you, quicker.


The strategy of selling goodwill is something I have been very successful at my whole life. Throughout my career I have been able to get friends, family and business colleagues to pay me to deliver something. Whatever it was at that moment didn't matter, because they trusted my "goodwill" spirit to take care of them.  Rather it was a house in need of repair or a real estate marketing plan, I always exchanged their goodwill and check with that of a trusting, firm handshake and sincere stare. They trusted me because I know my stuff but more importantly they supported my business because I was able to make them feel good.  They like me and trust that I am not leading them down a dark path.


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Listen to The MO Show today @12pm to continue discussing how marketing your real estate business like Oprah can lead to Real Estate Success!


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