Today’s Real Estate Agent Is In A Very Crowded Room

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In order to implement the right solutions we have to identify the real problems facing agents and Brokers in today’s real estate market. Here's one of the many challenges agents and Brokers have to overcome today: 



Today’s real estate agent is in a very crowded room.


When you go to your continuing education classes and look around the room, what do you see? The answer is you see 20, 50, 100, or even 500 people who look just like you. They are nicely dressed, friendly, some personable, some cocky, some wearing name tags, most with business cards in hand, and everyone is scrolling through their smart phones to see if they have new email. Everyone has the same “look and feel.”


When you Google “real estate agent” for your local area, what do you get? You likely get hundreds of thousands or even millions of results in a few seconds (it might not even take that long; Google is really fast).


The bottom line is all agents tend to have the same look, and there are very few ways to really differentiate YOU in the overly crowded real estate room and an information overloaded internet.

Now think for a moment if you were a prospective buyer or seller looking in the same room full of agents, or Googling to find an agent in the local area, how would you be able to pick out the best agent to help you with your real estate needs?


If a prospective client does find you and asks you why he or she should select you as their agent, how do you answer them?


“I’ve been a real estate agent for 5 years”


“I’ve consistently made the multimillion dollar club”


“I have all these abbreviations behind my name”


“I listen to my clients”


“I give great service”


“I put my client’s listing online”


And all of the other ways you think you might be able to get to the front of the line.


The “reasons” are usually nothing more than an internal justification and the same selling points said by most agents to the prospective client.

The truth of the matter is it doesn’t matter what you say anyway. All agents will try and justify why he or she is the right agent for the client, but the bottom line is the prospective client cares about themselves, not you. They care about selling their house. They care about buying a house. They care about investing in real estate. They care about saving money on a commission.  They care about getting their needs and wants met. It’s isn’t about you. It’s about them.


How you can overcome this...


You need a niche that automatically sets you apart from the crowded real estate room and information overloaded internet that will instantly identify your value and show your prospective client you have the knowledge to help them solve their problem, get their needs met, all while none of the same is apparent with the other agents in the crowded room.  

By having this niche, your services will be sought after in today’s real estate market!


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