Bozeman Fiber Optic Network Receives Big Boost

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Bozeman’s attempt to lay fiber optic wire in town to improve internet prices, speeds and reliability for local business received a big boost from eight local banks recently. Bozeman Fiber Inc, the non-profit put in charge of the fiber optic project by the City of Bozeman, announced it has successfully negotiated 3.85 million in private financing.

The non-profit intends to develop an open-access network for private internet providers in Bozeman. They were put in charge of the project after the City of Bozeman moved away from earlier suggestions that would make the new cable public. Under the current plan, the project will provide the infrastructure and private internet providers can lease it at a certain price. Ideally, the project would help foster more competition as it would allow smaller companies to compete with larger national providers.

The non-profit believe they will start work in Spring 2016. Bozeman continues to invest in technology to stay ahead of the curve. Staying competitive in the tech world will help to continue driving more businesses and economic prosperity to Bozeman.




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