Work on your business not in it

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2 years ago when I started the virtual tour business I joined BNI. One of the members was a business coach and her tag line was "work on your business not in it" I really never got what she meant and I didn't want to ask as everyone else seemed to get it. I figured it was my blond block.

After 2 years now going on 3 I finally get it! It means ( to me) If you can imagine a restaurant owner being the cook, the waiter, the hostess and the manager all at the same time. The business would soon fail as he never had time to work on growing it.

That's how I was handling my business and it never grew. I learned this the hard way but now I'm on track. I invested in the tools and services that free me up to go out and get sales. 2008 started off with increased revenue enough to quit my day job and work full time On My Business.

If you were one of the smart ones and knew this already, you should share tips and advice on how you did it, because there's a lot of us out here flying blind and we bump into walls until we see the light!




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Cheryl Waller, MBA
Ocean Capital Lending & Ocean Capital Real Estate Services Group - Vero Beach, FL
Florida REALTORĀ® & Mortgage Loan Originator

Hey Cathy,

Your business coach was absolutely right. The day to day pressure of working in your business makes it even more important for you to step back, take a look at how your business is doing, and work ON your business, not in it.

Just a weekend a month, or at very minimum, one day a month, step back look at your marketing, look at your numbers. What is making the phone ring? How many people responded to that ad from last month? How many tours did you do this month last year and how does it compare to this year? What marketing is working and more important what is NOT working?

Put more money into what IS working and stop spending advertising dollars that bring you zero return.

As one of my mentors put it... "The definition of insanity is doing the same things over & over and expecting different results."

Apr 20, 2008 01:27 PM
Debra Higgins
Four Seasons Virtual Tours - Crown Point, IN

Hi Cathy:

Your advice is right on. Our business has come to the point of needing us to work "on" it. I need to find what I can delegate and what I must do personally.

I am looking at getting help with the bookkeeping first (I HATE the financial stuff) - but I'm being very careful about that. Next, I will probably look for someone to help me handle the routine virtual assistant chores.

Cheryl: If the marketing/advertising is working, then I may get an idea of where I need to get help or strengthen next!

Debbie Higgins

Apr 20, 2008 02:03 PM
John Ferrante
Virtual Tours By - FERRANTE-PHOTO LLC - Fort Lauderdale, FL

SOOOO true! I'm going in my 3rd year of business as well. Just this year i hired someone to do all my computer work. I was working so late & hardly getting any sleep. So now i have some one stitching & posting all my tours, i have her email me the tours so i can look them over. I just send her all the photos thru with a sheet of address, realtor, mls, tour names & #'s and she does the rest. I hope this helps.

John Ferrante

Apr 23, 2008 09:05 AM
Cathy Williams
Virtual Access Tours Monmouth and Ocean County NJ - Freehold, NJ

Hey John and Debra,

I'm glad to read both of your comments and to know I'm on the right track and we all have been at the crossroads.

Good luck with sales


Apr 24, 2008 06:48 AM
Lisa Castro
Pro360 Virtual Tours and Photography - Arlington, TX

Thanks for the post, Cathy.  I definetly makes me think about what I am doing and how it is working.  My husband and I are in our 1st year of business.  I am glad to hear you were able to leave your J.O.B.. 

May 08, 2008 07:59 AM
Rudy Gutierrez
OnView 360 - Scottsdale, AZ
Tour Builder -

Cathy and everyone else,

I'm at the point of hire some office help and maybe another photographer.  Did you use contractors or permanent empolyees?


May 27, 2008 08:57 PM

Rudy: When I need help I use a contractor. They have to take care of their own taxes and insurance, etc. I am an independent contractor (administrative assistant and photographer) so I also try to use them because they are trying to stand alone in a big world.


May 28, 2008 03:41 AM