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Credit crunch is easing somewhat...home sales picking up!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with PREMIER LIVING PROPERTIES

There has been more activity in the market in the last month or so then we have seen over the past several

months.  More properties are going under contract and overall the market seems to be leveling out.  That said,

  I believe we still have a long way to go before we start seeing any increase in home pricing.   There are still a

lot of foreclosures, short sales and pre foreclosure properties coming on the market- and for that reason we will

still see lower pricing and larger amounts of inventory.  The positive side of all this is that the Government is

intervening to limit the amount of home owners that go into foreclosure in the future and is also guaranteeing

about 1 million troubled mortgages in an effort to shore up plunging home prices.  The government is also

working with banks to try to come up with more loan programs and backing for the mortgage market.  This

intervention will help- it is just a matter of time before we see the effects of it.   Homes are still selling, people

are still moving, downsizing, upsizing, - they are just making sure they have a great agent that really

understands this market and can help advise them on sound investment decisions.   This is defiantly a move up

 market- the prices are an all time low and the larger priced properties have fallen more than the smaller priced

ones.  So, even though you may take a little less then you hoped for on your current home- you will more than

 make it up on your purchase!  Interest rates are low and this is an election year which always help stimulate

people with the hope of change.   If you are thinking of buying your first home, investment property, or moving

 up- there has never been a better time!   Give me a call to discuss your specific real estate needs.  I will work

hard to make sure it's a great move and a sound investment in your future!