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Real Estate News for Buyers and Sellers, October 20, 2015 

Aloha friends,  Lance Owens (RS) here, with LUVA Real Estate and the other day I was chatting back and forth with an online friend/marketing consultant/financial services,  from the mainland ( Michael Oden ) , he has a Facebook Group called "Real Estate Success"  and every now and then he talks about sharing your everyday photos when you are marketing, share local events, weather, sunsets, just anything local, and all of the sudden, out of left field, it hit me like a brick! 

I have been marketing this Kona Coffee Farm I have listed, and the cover shot, which I thought was great, it was a perfect coffee "cherry", on the tree, almost fully ripe.  I even ramped it up a little bit by "boosting" it on my Facebook page, spent a whopping $10.00 and spread that wealth over a 7 day period, but I just wasn't getting the results I was expecting. See whenever I "boost" a post on FB, I always use ActiveRains "SHORT URL" so I can truly gauge the interaction, its kind of like a "lie detector" for Facebook - LOL. 

Here is where the brick hit me!

How many people on the mainland even know what a coffee tree looks like? Right? I mean as far as they know that photo could be pomegranates - lol, who wants a pomegranate farm?  

So I changed the photo to roasted coffee beans, and in 24 hours it was out performing my "boosted" FB ad that had been out for 7 days. 

take a look below at the numbers 

Here is my "boosted" ad with Facebook, see the numbers they were telling me. 

But here is what ActiveRain is telling me about the boosted post, notice it has been out a week, but pay attention to the numbers at the end "SHORT URL CLICKS", . I use the short URL for Facebook and twitter. 


Fast forward to yesterday, I rewrote the post, using a photo of coffee beans, vs coffee tree and cherry, and it has only been out for 1 day! 

Here is what the difference of ONE photo can do to your marketing. Please look at the top numbers, compared to the bottom numbers. Both were put on FB with the SHORT URL, both were tweeted using the SHORT URL, with the photo associated with the blog itself, and both have significantly different results, and remember the bottom stats have been out there for a week, "boosted", and the top one, with the "more recognizable" photo has only been out there for one day! Short URL has almost tripled in numbers. 



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Michael Oden

Wow! That's real estate success buddy! Great Job!

Oct 20, 2015 07:41 AM

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