How to Survive an Unexpected Move to a New Transaction Coordinator

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TC NIGHTMARE! Your TC suddenly quit and you need to find someone NOW who can take the ball and run with it, especially if you have multiple files under contract! Don’t panic…take a deep breath and follow the emergency instructions below;


Step 1-If able-go over the files with the exiting TC or locate the information below yourself;

A-Priority-Where are the documents (online, in a file, in a bonfire in the corner of the office)?

B-Priority-List of closing dates for each property (helps the new TC understand which are priority files).

 C-Optional-Audit sheet of what documents are complete/incomplete for each file.

 D-Optional-List of activities completed on each file.

Step 2-Find a replacement TC ASAP to avoid gaps in service for your clients. It’s important to hire someone with a minimum of 2 years’ experience and 100+ closings. This ensures you will not have to train and micro-manage.

Step 3-Provide a list of required documents for your files to the new TC so they understands what is needed for a complete file.

Step 4-If your files are online-provide links to the files to your new TC ASAP. For in-house, show the TC where files are kept.

Step 5-VERY IMPORTANT-Be available for the first couple of days to assist with answering questions and locating missing documents.

You and your new TC should be focusing time and working together on imminent closings to ensure the file is BRE compliant at close.

At, we have simple file transfer solutions for new agents/brokers. We’ll guide you through the process of transition to our virtual services. For emergency transfer of multiple transactions, we’ll add extra TC’s to your account until files are caught up!  

All of our Certified Transaction Coordinators have closed 100+ transactions and require no training. Our Coordinators work as a team so you’ll never have to worry about your TC taking time off for vacation or sick pay.  

If you suddenly find yourself without a Coordinator, following the above steps AND calling Diana Turnbloom at 925-305-9625 ensures your transactions and your survival.  You won’t be disappointed! 

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