Succesful Time Management

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 What should Carl do?

Sometimes it may be difficult to determine why people procrastinate.

If Carl were to step back and analyze his procrastination, he will find it worthwhile, it may even be hard to supply any answers in the beginning of the process.

Eventually, this self-introspection and analysis will provide positive results!

Procrastination may stem from one or more of these issues:

•·        Motivation - The project is irrelevant and has no meaning.

•·        Training - Carl does not have the training or knowledge to accomplish the project, or he is uncertain about taking on something that he has not done before.

•·        Standards -Carl may be afraid that the tasks will not be performed perfectly.

•·        Obligations - Fear of the inability to fulfill all the obligations because there may be so much to do.

•·        Assumptions - Belief that if he avoids or ignores the task it will evaporate. Assume that it will take less time or effort to accomplish.

•·        Fear - Worried about how others may evaluate or judge.

•·        Avoidance - Hate doing this kind of thing.

Carl must focus on the very real fact that his tendency to ignore projects and tasks and to seek pleasurable activities instead, can only lead to failure.

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