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The ROOT of the problem could be Running Silent & Deep

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Living in the woods has its perks. Lots of privacy, that country feel, fall foliage, etc... but when you've got trees (especially large ones) that have the canopy close and/or hovering over your roof, then you should be made aware of the concerns. Even if there are small trees that are growing right against your foundation, the best solution is to remove them, or if they can be saved, transplant them to another area on your property. 

The structural integrity of your home isn't the only area where trees can do damage. The root structure can also wreck havoc on your driveway, walkways, patios, etc... a tree’s roots can grow to be two to three times wider than its canopy. In some cases if you purchased the home new and the lot was cleared & excavated, there is a remote chance the builder buried the stumps and or large limbs/trunks to use as back-fill. In these cases, sink holes can develop over time and even pose issues with septic systems & leaching fields. 

"Before purchasing a home with large trees, always have the trees inspected by a qualified arborist. Most home-inspection companies do not even look at the trees or have the expertise to analyze them. An experienced arborist can often detect the hidden problems mentioned above and outline remedies."

Our inspections do cover vegetation and tree encroachment. 

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