Is "Giving-2-Get" Business A Good Marketing Strategy?

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Could giving away your real estate knowledge be good marketing strategy for your real estate business?  
As sales professionals we are trained to "close the sale" before exchanging the cards we hold in our hands.  Get a signature, then deliver the product or service.  But what if things were different?  What if we gave before asking for the signature?
Let's exam this concept.  A car dealership will allow you test drive a vehicle, maybe keep it overnight.  If you request to take a 30 day cross country "test drive" your sales representative WILL look at you as if you're crazy and politely ask if you are ready to "draw up the paper work?"  Why on earth would a car dealership allow you to take a vehicle for 30 days, risk damage and related wear and tear on the vehicle? Your right, it wouldn't make sense for a car dealer to give a car away for 30 days and hope a sale is made. 
"Are you crazy, the potential cost and liability are too high!"
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But what if the dealer did allow you to take the care for a 30 day cross country test drive?  If a dealership allowed you to test drive a car for 30 days or however long you desired before committing to purchase, you would think very differently about that particular car dealership.  After thinking "these folks are crazy" you would gain a new level of respect and confidence.  You being allowed to "test drive" a vehicle for 30 days or more would be a major confidence booster in your choice of dealer and manufacture.  Who really believes in their product or service so much they are willing to give it you, before requiring you to make a financial commitment?
Operating your business on a "Give-2-Get" model does pose challenges, but as a real estate professional it could serve as a major competitive advantage in well suited target markets.  For example FSBOs (For Sale By Owners) are obviously in the need of a real estate professional, unfortunately they decided to become an amateur agent.  Amateurs usually don't get paid for their skill set because it has yet to reach a level of Expertise.  As a licensed and experienced real estate professional you know what it takes to sell a home, your an Expert.  You know the necessary marketing strategies.  You know what it takes for homes to sell fast, at top dollar.  An amateur trying to sell his or her home usually has no clue.  
"Give them your knowledge for free!"
Unlike a car dealership, you don't have the potential liability and sunken cost by giving away your "billable" service.  Your REAL value exists in being an Expert, someone who knows what to do, when and how to do it because of experience.  As a strategic marketing strategy, you could give away information, the "What to do" with the hopes the prospect will contact you if they can't quite figure out the "When and How to do."  
"Supplying a list of marketing tips and strategies to a FSBO could be your ticket in the door.  A competitive advantage."
Here's a quick list of marketing tips you could share with FSBOs.  The amateurs who become frustrated with lack luster results hopefully will call an Expert.  Hopefully you:
  • Curb Appeal is important.  Make sure your yard is clean and presentable. 
  • Inform your neighborhood your home is for sale.  A neighbor may be looking to move up, or down.
  • Hire a photographer.  Pictures make a difference.  
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What do you have to lose by giving away your knowledge?  Those who are serious about results, will call an Expert.  
"Giving your knowledge away could give you the competitive edge you need to experience #RealEstateSuccess!"
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My two cents, 
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Michael Oden

New Horizon Financial Services, LLC

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Kona Home Team (luva llc) Lance Owens (RS)
Kona Home Team (luva llc) - Kailua-Kona, HI
Getting transactions done, when nobody else can!

Michael Oden thank you for some more great advice. I did it for awhile and drew up a contract that stated they would at least call me for an interview if they decided to list it. It was non-binding, but still mentally there in their head. 


Nov 02, 2015 04:42 AM
Beth Atalay
Cam Realty and Property Management - Clermont, FL
Cam Realty of Clermont FL

Michael, perhaps a bit selfish but giving without any expectations puts me in a happy place. I don't even think about what I could gain one day, I just do it. When we get in a habit of giving, miracles happen.

Nov 10, 2015 01:41 AM