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Do You Ever Confuse Arrogance with Confidence?

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Have you ever noticed how quickly you relax around a person who possesses a genuine source of self-confidence, consideration and competence? And how immediately your senses go on red alert when confronted with someone else who appears cocky, conceited and arrogant, demanding all the oxygen and attention in the room?

When was the last time you checked yourself to make certain you're clear about where you stand on that line in the sand when dealing with clients, colleagues and loved ones? http://is.gd/IVJvLP



And with the holidays approaching and the pressure to make those end-of-year numbers grows, it's very easy for our values to get out of whack when the stress to out-spend ourselves mounts, arrogance sets in, and the impulse to impress others for all the wrong reasons increases. http://is.gd/o0Xira 

So when you sense your pulse increasing, driven by selfish motives, outright greed or manipulative schemes, just stop. Take a moment. Ask yourself if your mother, father, spouse, or even a beloved mentor was watching, would they be proud of what you're contemplating doing at this moment. http://is.gd/wsuQZ3 Chances are, if you create a self-check list to stay on top of your own "stuff" - and we all have stuff, don't kid yourself - it will checkmate the move you were about to make that might end up biting you in the butt in the end. 

Arrogance is not attractive. And it can end up being very costly - especially in relationships. No one enjoyes being around someone who acts like God's gift to mankind. Arrogance, smugness and cockiness, like greed, will come back to haunt you in a million little ways that you're too caught up in the moment of acting like that to even consider. http://is.gd/PG32F7 

So if arrogance lines the road you decide to walk, make sure you stock up on a whole bunch of bandaids. Because the blisters you're gonna end up with are bound to hurt a whole bunch every step of the way!