3 Reasons Why RPAC Deserves Your Support

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At the Tallahassee Board of Realtors (TBR), we continue to grow our support of the Florida Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC), dubbed the “Realtor Party.” Why?


1)      To make the Realtor voice heard both here in Tallahassee and in Washington, D.C.  With over 140,000 Realtors in Florida, when Realtors speak, legislators listen. RPAC presents the strongest, most singular voice in Florida. The Realtor Party backs candidates who have home ownership and other Realtor issues at the top of their agendas.  Regardless of political party, RPAC focuses on issues that affect our industry in our state, primarily with the Advocacy Fund.

2)      RPAC helps us here at the Tallahassee Board of Realtors. Your support of RPAC has an impact right here at home. Funds to support local candidates and local issue campaigns are utilized here at TBR in every single election cycle. Candidates are interviewed and questioned.  They are allowed to share their commitment to supporting real estate and Realtors. Office holders at all levels in our area will attest that the support of TBR is vital.  This support brings home RPAC contributions.

3)      The local support provided by RPAC is expanding.  A new fund, the Issues Mobilization Fund was approved this year to assist local associations like TBR, to impact the local market.  These are not candidate funds, but funds dedicated to issues that we as members of TBR feel are important.  A new streamlined request process for this new funds underscores the desire of the Realtor Party that local associations make a mark in their communities. You may have heard the phrase, “All politics is local,” believed to be coined by the late Tip O’Neill.  RPAC believes this and is working hard to empower local associations to be heard on local issues.


If you have not contributed to RPAC in the past, when you renew your dues for 2016, maybe this is the year you start with at least a $15 contribution?  If you are already an RPAC supporter, maybe now is the time for you to do even more.


As you can see, it is more than a slogan when we say, “Florida Realtors, The Voice for Real Estate in Florida.”

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