5 Creative and Engaging Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

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As a Real Estate Professional it's important for you to stay in front of your prospective clients and referral partners!  Let's be honest, no one walks around with sticky notes containing your name, email address and phone number ready to be produced in the event someone asks for a good real estate professional.  Life, nor marketing happens that way. Your target audience will only remember you, if you're top of mind.  High frequency and engagement is the best way to stay top of mind.  The masterpiece, Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller prescribes 8 touches for new prospects and 33 annual touches for your database.  That's 41 potential touches over the course of a year.  

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We believe in 52+ touches.  Why?  Why not?  You should be touching your prospect pool every week!  This is a simple way to differentiate yourself from your competition.  That's a lot of content to produce, right?  Not really.  Here's the magic, no more than 40% of your marketing messages should be directly related to the real estate market.  Do you work your job 100% of the day?  Do you never discuss family, weekend fun or interesting life stories at work?  If your honest, you do all the time.  So why would you constantly bombard your audience with information about the market, your listings and real estate 100% of the time in your messages? 
Engage with your audience.  Use the other 60% of your marketing messages to provide semi-relevant and non-relevant/personal information.  Decorating ideas for the holidays, inspirational/feel good quotes, tips on saving money, etc.  If you engage with your audience, you give them the opportunity to get to know you and like you.  If you frequently engage with your audience, you will be top of mind when the subject of real estate comes up.  
Be creative.  Share information about the real estate market and information that's important to your audience's everyday life.  Build a relationship with your audience even if they aren't ready to jump the real estate broom with you!  
5 Creative and Engaging Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Professionals:
  1. Send your database a Happy Thanksgiving postcard.  Thanksgiving is a great time of year.  It ushers in the year end holiday season.  Plus, tons of families get together.  They talk about a lot during Thanksgiving Dinner, maybe even real estate.  We'll look who's postcard arrived to dinner early!  Make your postcard fun and interesting to increase it's shelf life.  If your postcard produces smiles, it may be passed around the dinner table after the Turkey!
  2. Send a list of charities looking for volunteers during the holiday season, even Thanksgiving day.  Everyone's off from work during the holidays.  Many families look for opportunities to do community service during this time of year.  Until the first day off, who has time to look up organizations in need of helping hands?  Take the burden off your audience.  Send a postcard with a list of 3 - 5 organizations looking for volunteers during the holidays.  If the subject of real estate comes up, your prospect just might volunteer your name.
  3. "There here!"  Families travel during the holidays, a lot.  Yes, the airports are busy with travelers but someone is busy at home sprucing things up for their extended stay guests!  Provide a list of quick, easy, inexpensive decorating tips to your audience.  Everyone looks to change things up a bit around the house, but don't be shy to mention small improvements and decorating ideas can have a dramatic impact on a home's value.  Your call to action should go something like this "If my 10 holiday decorating ideas has you thinking of a new home for next year's Thanksgiving Celebration, give me a call.  I'll be glad to discuss the market with your family!  Be sure to save some leftovers!  Your Realtor, MO."
  4. Drive/walk your farm area.  Not only will you get exercise, you can save on postage.  Use your postcard as a flyer, purchase a large quantity of small plastic baggies.  A box of 100 - 200 can be purchased at your local grocery store.  Purchase a very small bag of rocks from your local hardware store.  Load individual rocks into each baggie and insert your postcard/flyer.  Now you have a flyer distribution system for walking or driving your farm neighborhoods.    See sample picture from my local gym.  I asked the gym owner if this strategy works.  He told me after 5,000 clients he was opening a 2nd location :)  
  5. Print a list of recipes, use a colorful picture of food on the front cover.  Put the list/report into a small sandwich bag and have the post office deliver a sandwich bag to your entire database.  It's unique and sure to be opened.  Your audience will go "What the heck?!?!" Maybe, they will use other words, but at least they will be touching your marketing piece!
We hope our list of 5 Creative and Engaging Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Professionals gets you thinking about how you can market your real estate business creatively!

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