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Green Homes for Sale in Collingwood Ontario

Although Eco-friendly houses for sale in Collingwood are becoming a growing trend on the real estate market, Buyers and Sellers should both be aware of how different changes to a structure can raise the green value of a home. This will also require a focus on how the alterations can generate sustainable living, so that these highlights can help to move a sale.

Beyond Appearances

Energy Efficient Collingwood HousesSome first time buyers may think that the age of construction or the setting of a home can indicate whether a house is green or not. In truth, many older structures have undergone considerable internal renovations that make provisions for sustainability, and can often be healthier environments that structures that simply look modern. For this reason, if purchasing a home that can reduce the carbon footprint is of importance, ask a professional Collingwood real estate agent about the features that make a house green can be the best course of action.

Real estate disclosure is an ideal way to uncover points such as operating costs, building materials, and recent changes to the structure that can indicate it is more sustainable than others. Using a Collingwood REALTOR® as a resource can also help to streamline an initial search for a property, since this allows for specific features to be a part of the consideration.

What makes a Home in Collingwood Green?


Sellers who are thinking about conversions that can make a property more eco-friendly should also be focused on two main points. The first place that greater sustainability can be gained is in operational costs. These will include upgrades that can.

  •          Reduce power consumption
  •          Utilize renewable resources
  •          Provide more efficient heating and cooling
  •          Prevent environmental pollution

Green Energy Collingwood HomesMany of these operational factors will be greatly concerned with heating and power, but the necessary changes can include additions such as better windows or insulation. This means that before embarking upon any repairs, the long term costs for maintenance should be weighed as a guideline for how green the alterations will actually make the house.

The second big point for an eco-friendly home will be found in the construction materials. This can often be an easier renovation to make, since it is focused on the immediate results. Parts of the home that should be looked at include.

  •          Chemical composition of paint or building materials
  •          Type of insulation and plaster
  •          Natural toxins in the soil or groundwater

The combination of long term sustainability and the immediate health of the home environment are ultimately what will be considered when looking at green homes for sale in Collingwood.

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