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Cut your Cable Ties Today!

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Don’t be afraid to cut that cable network habit.  We did and have never been happier.  In fact not only has our bill been cut by $200 a month but the amount of tv we watch a week has dropped by 50%.  We spend more time talking and hanging out as a family which I believe has only brought us closer. How did we do it?  It was simple. 

We use to get our cable, internet and phone all through our local cable company.   We had the complete cable package, which included the movie channels.  We had the fastest internet service available because we stream movies and other devices and our phone service.  All of these combined cost us nearly $300 a month.    A small price to pay we told ourselves to be entertained.

It was on a business trip I heard about Roku and similar devices.  Being a guy who loves techy stuff I looked into this a bit further.  We looked at all of the devices in this category and thought Roku was the best choice for us.  Roku offers services such as Netflix, Amazon, Sling and others as part of their package.   You buy a Roku device and then decide which provider app you want to use and pay for.   We are huge fans of Netflix, Sling, Amazon and Hulu and we have HBONow as well.  The benefit of a service like this is you can cut your ties to expensive cable contracts.   Here is what we did.

I purchased Roku signed up for the services I mentioned above.  I added a $79 antenna which is mounted in my attic.   I get about 15 local tv stations with my antenna which includes, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and others.  These are of course free and they are now in HD.    There is very little now on tv that I cannot watch, just like before when I had cable.

To replace our phone service I went with Magic Jack.  It took me a few days to get my phone number ported over but no issues to report.  Magic Jack has all of the features that were offered by my cable phone service except for call blocking.  The quality is the same and we love it and my total phone bill for the year is $40 per year.  Hard to beat that price.

We currently still have our internet service with our local cable company and we still use their fastest service.  But because Magic Jack and Roku work off the internet connection we needed to keep the faster service.  My wife also runs her business out of the house and needs the extra speed and bandwidth.  Our Xbox 1 is used often along with streaming on multiple devices. 

There are of course more benefits than just the cost savings.  As I mentioned we spend less time watching tv and more time talking and playing board games.  We make smarter tv choices and started watching documentaries, that always give way to lively discussions.  All wonderful reasons to change for sure.  But for me it is the $200 a month I am saving that brings a tear to my eye. 

Feel free to ask me any questions about this and I will do my best to answer them for you.    Please LIKE this if you found it interesting or helpful at all.   

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