Building Systems into Your 2016 Real Estate Business Plan

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Time management and organization are two of the things Real Estate Agents complain about most–and it makes sense! Real Estate Agents are essentially entrepreneurs, small business owners. There’s nobody outside telling you what to do and where to be, how to organize your time.

In this week’s webinar on creating systems for your Real Estate career, you’ll be scoring yourself from struggling to succeeding on the primary skills of time management and organization. You’ll want a pen and paper as you listen to the webinar.

One of our central ideas is BPED – Be Proactive Every Day. What does this mean? This means having systems that structure your day, prioritize your tasks, and keep you from spending your day responding to emergencies.
Once you’ve done the self-review, make sure to choose which of those systems you want to make a priority in your 2016 Business Plan.

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