Maine Lakefront Real Estate - Finding It Your Way, Phase Two

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A couple of weeks ago we announced several upgrades to the search capabilities found on our website. Today we bring another fantastic feature.

Starting today, when you do a search for properties on our website,, once you get the search results, you will see a button on each individual listing that says "Map It". What this will do is actually show you the location on the lake of the listing you're looking at on a Google map. How cool is that?!

If the specific address is not provided to us, the button will say "Lake Map" and show you a Google map of the lake that the listing is located on. Over time you will see more and more "Map It" buttons with the specific location of the property on the lake and fewer and fewer "Lake Map" buttons with the just the lake itself. We know for many of you this has been a feature you have been waiting for and will love to use over and over.

So many times when we get inquiries about a lakefront property one of the first questions we get is, "Where is this on the lake?" and "Which way is the property facing?", or "Does this property get sunsets?" Well, while we're still happy to answer those questions, now you will be able to see for yourself.

To try this out, go to our Lakefront Locator, pick a property type and region, select a lake size, lake name, and/or town and price range, then, when you get your results, click on the "Map It" button and see where the property is located on the lake. It's that simple.

We still have more in store to help you find just the right property. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted as developments occur.

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