MarketWATCH Northridge: 11/13/15

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I had an interesting discussion with a friend about a marketing piece we're doing for another project. This friend suggested that there are really 3 questions that need to be asked in any "sales" discussion. 1. Where are you now 2. Where are you headed? 3. How do you get there? And I thought how this fits really well when helping people buy homes.

I'd love for you to take a moment and contemplate the first two questions.

Where are you now and where are you headed?
Are you a renter looking to purchase? Are you relocating from another area? Do you own a home in the area and are looking to upgrade? Do you own a home in the area and are looking to downsize? Are you looking to enter the real estate investment market or add to your portfolio?

How do you get there?
The KEY to answering this lies in knowing the answer to the first two questions. There are some very standard processes involved in buying a house. Our flow-chart looks something like this. And then we customize each steps to your needs, based on the information you reveal to us. The more we understand from you, the easier the entire venture will be.
Let's take a look at what's happening out there this week...

There were 11 new listings this week in Northridge. They range in price from $400,000 -$862,500; size 1170sf - 3799sf; age from 1946 - 1979.

Check out all the new listings this week in Northridge – CLICK HERE

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  • That's STEP 1 under your belt. (woohoo!) 
  • STEP 2 is looking at your mortgage options -- easily done with our FREE Home Loan Report -- simply CLICK HERE to get the ball rolling on that. 
  • STEP 3 is a visit with us, easily scheduled by reaching out to (818) 621-9897 and asking for your "Buyers Consultation". 
  • STEP 4 is getting out there and looking at homes - again, easily done with our Daily Tour of Homes -- Click here to join us this week. STEP 5 - Details, Details, Details! We're really good with these and have a team that handles the transaction details that take you from offer to close. Again, we have a system around this, so that all i's are dotted and t's are crossed. 
  • And then, the BEST PART - moving into your NEW HOME! 

So, please, take advantage of our help along the way -- click on one of the steps, or give us a call at (818) 621-9897 and we'll walk you through it.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!


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