CafeSano: South Reston’s Hidden Gem

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CafeSano: South Reston’s Hidden Gem

South Reston’s only Mediterranean and Italian Fusion restaurant is hands down one of the best lunch spots in all of Reston.



During my morning walks to Starbucks in the South Lakes Village Center, I often walk down to Lake Thoreau, this walk takes me right between two of South Reston’s best kept secrets, Red’s Table (aforementioned in previous blog posts) and Cafesano. Although neither restaurant opens until 11am, I find myself feeling fortunate to live so close to such an eclectic and severely underrated and stellar shopping center. What more could you ask for in a shopping center-a grocery store, a starbucks that will soon be offering beer, the staple Chipotle, and two high quality and delicious restaurants that could easily hold their own in a place like the Reston Town Center?



Whether you are looking for something simple like pizza or a panini, or something more exotic like Baba Ganoush and Falafel, Cafésano has it all. As a Mediterranean-Italian fusion restaurant, you are getting the best of both worlds. Mediterranean food is well known for being “the healthiest food in the word”, according to the owners of Cafesano, “[it] includes a lot of olive oil-‘Nature’s Own Elixir”. While Italian food carries a reputation for being hearty and comforting-a meal that brings families together.


With 277 Yelp! reviews at a healthy and reputable four stars, CafeSano has figured out how to deliver fresh and tasty, preservative-free, food at a low cost in a fast casual setting. One yelper, Majed K. stated: “ It really does not get better. [Cafesano] makes Sweetgreen look like a one armed homeless man. Every bite is flavorful and most importantly FRESH. They are not cheap with their ingredients”


The décor is elegant and unassuming, and the service is on point between the helpful and cheery cashiers to the polite and quick bussers. At any given time diners may consist of families enjoying a meal together or couples on afternoon dates; the lunch hour is often bustling with solo diners looking for an escape from the office. In the warmer months, diners can enjoy patio seating overlooking Lake Thoreau or sit by the windows under the skylights and enjoy the outdoors from inside.





A famous dish among Yelpers is Cafesano’s Signature salad, a refreshing mix of avocado, artichokes, cucumbers, fresh mozzarella, red onions and Kalamata olives, served with house dressing, Ciabatta bread and a parmesan crisp.


 Cafesano proudly promotes that not only is their food preservative free, it is also free of hydrogenated oils (Trans Fats) in all of their homemade recipes. Their high standards for their food, service and quality are particularly obvious during their busiest times, even with a full house, Cafesano is steady and consistent.



Only ten doors away, CafeSano boasts a delicious catering side, CafeSano Market that offers healthy varietals for everyone. 

The reason I am passionate about sharing my neighborhood local hot spots with you is because I firmly believe that South Reston is one of the best (if not THE best) place to live in Northern Virginia, and I am confident that I can help you find your ideal home for the best price.

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