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With the holiday season vastly approaching, I wanted to take time to share a few of my survival tips for Realtors. During this time many of us start to see a decline in business. Which can cause the first part of the new year to be quite slow or in those really lucky cases a seemingly higher increase. However, the side you may fall, I hope you will find my suggestions to be most useful! 


Tip #1- Check/Sync Calendars (Business & Personal):  

Doing this will allow you to see what the rest of your year looks like at a glance. It will also help you see the days you have free for spending quality time with your family and friends. 

1. Creating calendar events for meetings, showings, closings, etc. make it so you never forget! Also, share with another associate or office administrator


Tip #2- Clean Up!   

Organize- This is the best way to never miss a beat during the holidays as well as when transitioning from one year to another.

1. Start with physical cleaning (De-cluttering your office(s) will make your load feel a lot lighter and focus your thinking).

2. Next, move to files and paperwork-archiving all old data and records to make space for new and current ones. Creating an easy filing system will help keep these items in order.

3. Then, for your business: find all receipts, sales, & tax information; separate them into categories and file them accordingly in their own storage place. Doing this now, makes quarterly audits and tax time a breeze! 

Tip #3- PLAN  

Take time to come up with a strategy for work. Ask yourself the right questions: (i.e. Do I have work? Do I want to work? Am I going to travel/vacation?) These are just a few to get you started. Knowing your workload can allow you to choose work days and days off more efficiently. 

1. Check your calendar (which should be updated now) for closings, showings, meetings, work functions etc. Try to re- schedule or re-arrange these things before the holidays begin so, you aren't stressed or feeling overwhelmed. You want to enjoy this season.

2. Start advertising your new work schedule. Add your operating times to your email signature so, as you continue to work everyone is aware of your availability. Also, once you are in full holiday mode: Set your "Out Of Office Assistant on your email, Change your Voice mail, Post signage on the doors with your schedule (in case you are receiving deliveries, rent, etc.)

3. Contact all contractors, vendors, etc. and alert them of schedule chan.ges (try to get them out now).

Tip #4- PAID IN FULL  

This is important! Gather all bills. You do not want to have unpaid invoices or unpaid sales looming into the new year

1. Connect with all vendors & contractors- request an update on your payment status and PAY.

2. Ask for payment receipts for your business files.

3. Make sure to pay all of your employees along with any bonus incentives (they've worked hard &  should have a good holiday too!).

4. Verify the payment receipt of your sales. Keeping track of your income is crucial!


Tip #5- CLOSEOUT    

Set aside time to finalize business for the year as well as prep for the upcoming year! Make notes of things that you want to change, try or implement for the year ahead. Also, get suggestions from your team.

1. Close all current projects that will not be carried over to the next year.

2. Meet with associates and other team members to discuss plans for next year.

3. Define Company Goals, Budgets, Incentives.

4.  Re-Structure, Re-Brand, Re-Launch everything or different areas of your business to increase growth and services.

5. Find a way to track progress (Data Management tools or simple Word/Excel document will do).

6. Preset calendars for company and client events.


OKAY, now that we're done! Let's get into the holiday spirit!

Doesn't it feel good to be HOME for the HOLIDAYS?!!!  


If you have any tips you'd like to share please leave them in the comment section below!


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