5 Benefits Of Owning A Home In Loveland vs. Renting

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With Loveland serving as northern Colorado’s “Gateway to the Rockies”, residents enjoy access to a scenic mountain backdrop, amenities that accommodate an active and outdoor lifestyle and a vibrant, community-focused environment. With a growing number of new homes for sale in Loveland in addition to the innovative homebuilders in the area, it’s no surprise that more and more families are choosing to settle in at The Lakes at Centerra. This growing trend to buy rather than rent comes with all of the benefits of homeownership in addition to the surrounding beauty of the Northern Colorado region.


Tax Breaks: Owning a home gives you the ability to take several deductions on your income tax, often including part or all of the mortgage interest, real estate taxes paid, and costs associated with buying the home. As homes appreciate, you may also be able to borrow against the increased value of the home. Renters, on the other hand, cannot deduct any of their housing expenses.

Equity: Equity is the growth of ownership interest. The longer you live in your home and continue to pay your mortgage, the more equity you earn. If you decide to sell your home, you can make a profit from the equity you have accrued. In most cases, the value of your home will increase, and you can benefit from it. With renting, the money you pay is lost and not going towards anything for you.

Fewer Restrictions: Renting can limit how you decorate or remodel your home, but ownership comes with the freedom to make cosmetic and construction changes to your property, transforming a house into your dream home. However, do keep in mind that there are homeowner’s association guidelines to follow.

Sense of Community: There is a sense of permanency that comes with buying a home, which allows you to build relationships with those around you. With amenities like The Lake Club, High Plains Environmental Center, High Plains School and many more, The Lakes at Centerra provides several establishments that help foster community involvement. Homeowners are less likely to move around, so you can build lifelong friendships with your neighbors or the families across the street. With renters, time is limited and your neighbors could potentially change by the month or year.

Personal Satisfaction: This home is yours. There’s a personal satisfaction in those words alone. It is something that belongs to you that you can share with those you love. With renting, you will eventually have to leave the home you worked so hard to personalize. The homebuilders in Loveland are committed to designing your dream home and creating a space for you and your family to plant roots and make memories.

If you’re looking to take the leap into homeownership, come tour our 13 model homes at The Lakes at Centerra, where appreciation for nature and access to everyday conveniences create a balanced community that thrives.



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