Paperless Dave & Busters.

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I took my family to the Dave & Busters and the Providence Place Mall this weekend and was surprised at one of the changes this company had made with it's video games.

It's normal routine for us to grab a bucket to collect any tickets a game spits out once the game is over. So when the first game didn't print out the tickets my son earned I had to grab an attendant who informed me of the change.

This was kind of weird at first and part of the excitement for my son and daughter is both watching the machine print out all the tickets, especially after a big score, and parade around with a bucket that slowly get stuffed with the tickets. Plus it's always been fun to cash in the tickets and get surprised at what the total number of tickets comes to.

Our family plays off of one game card but the kids usually split the points 50/50 when it comes time to cash them in for their prizes. There are power stations that allow you to view the balance on your card as well as see how many tickets have been earned. You can now even see a history of what was one on each game you played.

I see the benefit to Dave & Busters. They no longer have the expense of buying, handling and disposing of the tickets. They have made a serious move to being "green". They also have eliminated the occasional machine getting a ticket jam. 

We will get used to it, my wife and I got used to slot machines no longer spitting out quarters years ago, but there something to be missed with those tickets spitting out. Especially after a big score and you would turn a lot of heads while this huge string of tickets that seemed to have no end came spilling out...

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Michele Connors
The Overton Group, LLC Pitt & Carteret County - Greenville, NC
Your Eastern North Carolina Realtor

Technology is taking the fun out of things one by one ! LOL 

How about riding bikes out side up and down the street, hopscotch and hide and seek ? Roller skating and running in the sprinklers.  Catching frogs on the river bank and fishing with bologna or hotdog pieces.  I played outside everyday!

I wouldnt trade my childhood for anything !

Nov 16, 2015 11:09 PM
Jason Potrzeba
Webster Bank - Providence, RI
Mortgage Banking Officer

Yes. The kids still had a chance to strut their stuff a little as we exited and they had a few prizes to parade around with.

Nov 16, 2015 11:15 PM
Dan Hopper
Dan Hopper - Gold Way RE - Westminster, CO
Denver Broker / Real Estate Advocate

Yes, D & B is just one company making changes that add profit to the bottom line.  When we used to play the slots, I too miss the quarters coming out and hearing the dinging sounds.  

Nov 17, 2015 12:33 AM