Burn a bridge, and kiss away a commission

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     Having been a realtor here in downtown Philadelphia for the past 18 years, I know my way around. There seems to be very little I don't know about Center City Philadelphia real estate. And don't even try to match wits with me when it comes to the market, contracts, traffic patterns of buyers, etc. I know it all.

     I try to keep my overwhelming arrogence to myself. I don't want to come off as anything more than perhaps a bit impatient/self-important with other realtors. I don't fight with other realtors, I don't cuss them out, I try to keep disagreements on a rational level, and I try to end every transaction on a nice note. Name calling is out of the question. And I have never suggested that another realtor was actually a  non-human from another planet- I give them "just" credit for being carbon based life forms.  And just plain being rude to other realtors? Nah. What goes around, comes around in this business, and nothing is more detrimental to a realtor's career than being known as someone who no one wants to do a deal with..... You never know when a buyer is going to call you to see a listing belonging to an agent who you just double crossed. Or were nasty to. Or hung up on.

     I remember burning two bridges in my 18 years here in downtown Philadelphia real estate. To this day, each instance bothers me. I wasn't at my best. I could have been civil, or at least more open, honest, and professional with these two other agents.

     I have a pretty good track record of working with other agents, and I think most realtors would like to do business with me repeatedly. I think they view me as competant, and if I do loose my cool, it is always followed with an apology or a nice word or two.

     Upon entering the business, this was the first rule my manager taught me.....NO BRIDGE BURNING. And I am still with her (thank god!), and selling close to $65M+/- per year in condo sales. She's a smart lady. And I have only hung up on her once in my real estate career, and have yet to call her a name, and I am pretty sure she is not an alien from a distant galaxy.

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Scott Benson
Geneva Real Estate and Finance - Santa Monica, CA
I try to NEVER burn a bridge.  Its never worth it, even if it might feel good.  Bad Karma or whatever you want to call it but its just not the way to live or work!  Thanks for the post
Apr 21, 2008 10:12 AM