How Green Are You? Baby Steps to A Greener Lifestyle

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How Green Are You?? .....

So this was the title of a quiz I took this morning (all quizzes in the past have tended to come from the pages of Cosmopolitan, so I guess I am growing up....). Apparantly, I am 'Light Green' (thought I was looking a little off color today...), according to my quiz results 'I am open to the idea of green and somewhat aware of the changes I can make to help the earth'...  I would say that this is pretty accurate, I would like to lead a greener lifestyle Now I have to tell you,  I want to do my bit for the environment, I really do, but I find the whole 'green' topic a tad overwhelming, when brought up in conversations it becomes almost like a competition as to who is greener...and like anything else (other than a Kit Kat) when rammed down my throat, it's hard to swallow...

So, tomorrow is 'Earth Day' did you know that? I didn't until this afternoon (hey, at least I am some shade of steps...), so what better day to start my 'green' blog.  Earth Day is the day people are supposed to call their local governments and urge them to take significant and equitable action in climate change. If in Washington DC, you also got to rock out to Jordin Sparks who was one of dozens of celebs that took part in Sunday's Green Apple Festival (with all due respect to 'Baby Loves Salsa' - the Miami line-up wasn't quite as good...).  So after calling our governments, then what? Well there are many things we can do to lead a greener lifestyle but I believe that change has to be gradual for it to stick (if I say, I am going to give up dessert for example, I will need a good 10 years of gradual change for this to work..crash dieting never was my thing)..So..

 STEP ONE     I decided my first step was going to be to take my own bags to the grocery store with me, so I did..I probably looked a little odd asking for my eggs, milk and apples (organic of course) to be put in my own Macy's bag (look, it's the only one I had in the house, I am trying OK?? One step at a time..!)..But it actually felt good, I ran into my house, dropped off the groceries and threw the Macy's bag back in the trunk of my car (yes I said car, not bicycle and no, it's not a Hybrid, if I could afford it, it would be..)

So, this is kinda the introduction to my Blog, (the next ones will have more info, less rabble) turning green in baby steps for people like me, we can learn together, a few times a week I will have a different easy step and lots of Green info, some specific to Florida. I am not 'green'  but I am learning. Like dieting - (my business partner Janie Coffey is forced to diet with me next week because I miss my abdominals - Janie if you are reading this, good job on getting no mayo on the subs today..) turning green is the right thing to do, but it does involve changing your life a little (or alot if you can) and that's always easier to do when others are joining you. So folks, let the 'Green Way' commence!! and I swear to God if I look like this girl in the picture at the end of it, I will QUIT...I have my limits you know.....

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Bonnie & Terry Westbrook
Westbrook Realty - Ada, MI
Grand Rapids MI Real Estate
I like the green lady - she's a looker! Small steps are important, Michelle. We all have to start somewhere. I've tried to remember the bags for the groceries but I usually don't 8-(
Apr 21, 2008 11:36 AM
Shelly Montalvo
Papillon Real Estate, LLC - Coral Gables, FL
Hi Bonnie, throw one in your car right now!!  ;]  
Apr 21, 2008 12:19 PM