Waddington School PTA Chance to Dance Fundraiser.

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The fundraiser hosted by the Waddington School PTA and the Seekonk Papa Gino's appears to have been very successful. 

This fundraiser helped with the after school Chance to Dance program that is new to the school this year.

Seeing such a large group of children and their families coming out to support their school was a nice sight. 

Every table, booth and chair was filled. The register had a line and there were plenty of people waiting for their orders to be called. Papa Gino's seemed to be at full capacity with how many grammar school kids could be squeezed in. 

This seemed like a great opportunity for the kids to enjoy some pizza and run around with their friends outside of school. 

Overall this fundraiser seemed to be a big win for the restaurant with all the extra traffic, a big win for generating some money for the school, and a real big win for the good time all the kids had.


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