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Has Your Market Shifted? Is your market showing signs of recovery with the amount of foreclosures and short sales highly in decline? Well, we have felt the effect as we are getting less distressed properties to sell from our institutional sellers. So the past few months SEO has become more important, adding buyer's agents, and farming like we use to do six years ago. We have also seen values on the rise to give credence to the projections that 2016 will yield an increase in residential property values of at least 3.5%.

This shift has also made property owners a little more comfortable and they are getting off the fence and really looking at their existing property values as it appears the storm has ended and they are coming out from under cover. Consumer confidence is a large motivator and indicator in the housing market.

Real Estate for many, many years was a safe investment in that a 3% yearly return in value was understood. You could always count on it. Then we lost the formula around 2001 when we were attacked as we desperately tried to hold on to our economy and our way of life with the aid of government intervention or lack of it. Consumer confidence was at a critical level.

Many fingers were pointed as different aspects of the way the system was set up. The house of cards fell, the promise was debunked. The cornerstone of  the American dream was pulled out. So, our Millennial Generation is skeptical on the promise of the American Dream and home ownership isn't their goal as it should be in the construction of our country, of our society. The ownership of personal property is what distinguishes us from Socialist and Communist societies where everything is owned by the state for the greater good. Only time will tell if the laws passed since 911 and the financial market crash actually help in the future or hinder.

In my 55 years in this Republic, I would have never imaged a socialist could get traction in a presidential election. But now we have one that the Millennial are championing with their lack of knowledge of history. Boomers, this is our fault. This happened on our watch and our children are witness. We can take control of our future, but we must get back to the principals of our society, just as our Grandparents did after the Great Depression.

We advertise homes for sale in Kissimmee, Fl. Resident Team Realty is building the American Dream one qualified buyer at a time.

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Kona Home Team (luva llc) Lance Owens (RS)
Kona Home Team (luva llc) - Kailua-Kona, HI
Getting transactions done, when nobody else can!

We have defenitly seen a turn in land and home sales, our condo sales were off a little this summer, but I think it had to do with all the hurricanes that surrounded us. We had an unusually large amount of them 

Nov 22, 2015 01:58 AM
Mark Horan
Resident Team Realty, LLC & Toni's Property Management LLC - Saint Cloud, FL
"The Resident Chef" - Resident Team Realty LLC &

Lance, may 2016 be your best year this decade!

Nov 22, 2015 02:00 AM
John Novak
Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin Real Estate

There's definitely a much more favorable mix of sellers in the Las Vegas area today. Where we used to have 70-80% distressed sales, that's now less than 20%.

Nov 26, 2015 07:40 AM
Mark Horan
Resident Team Realty, LLC & Toni's Property Management LLC - Saint Cloud, FL
"The Resident Chef" - Resident Team Realty LLC &

John, it was a large part of our business, but it's time to welcome the change.

Nov 26, 2015 08:21 AM