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Tis the season of rushing around, overindulging in deliciously decadent food and drink, going to parties, visiting with family and friends…. along with some of their random acquaintances that they bring home like stray pets. Evenings after work… (we will not discuss the random Google searches and Amazon purchases we make during the work day…..) are filled with running from store to store hoping to find all of the perfect…. and close enough to get by…. gifts for the people who are important to you. Or in some cases the people for whom you feel “duty bound” to buy a gift.

We are consumers besieged with advertisements and specials and deals! We are bombarded with marketing – THIS will make your loved one’s life complete!... THIS will make any child worship you like a superhero!!! EVERYONE will add this piece of the latest and greatest tech to their list!!! …. and on and on. Piles of mail come daily with well wishes as well as solicitations. Some of this marketing is easy to make sense of in our traditions of consumerism. However, some sales and services? Well, the tenuous connection is really just a reach. I fear that we as real estate agents fall somewhere on the spectrum but closer to the end that has no “valid” marketing connection to the season. Before you become offended, please hear me out.

What I guess I’m trying to say is that using the holidays to market ourselves and our services may be a reach. I know we are sort of swept into a rush of advertising that really becomes almost contagious among business people – it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up! But, let’s be honest, how many people want to spontaneously buy a house because of a seasonal flyer we send out as a part of our mass mailing plan. I know many agents, create and send a sort of general holiday card to enhance our exposure as well as wish our communities well. I wonder what would happen though if we used some of that effort just a bit differently.

Why not send very personal notes to let the people know we are grateful for them at ….. wait for it……. Thanksgiving!!! We can still use the photo of our office staffs in elf ears and Santa hats if that’s the tradition BUT instead of piling on with the sea of advertising, why not stand out. By sending our well wishes early, they are more likely to be viewed favorably because the season is still fresh and fun, not yet a tedious chore of obligation. We can be authentic and reach out to our professional partners, like our favorite title companies or mortgage firms, as well as our past clients or perspective ones. The key is to be genuine.

Another passing thought about how to let the community know we are truly invested and thankful? Wouldn’t the ultimate link for outreach lie between real estate professionals and the homeless? Think about it. We are very blessed to continually help families transition in and out of homes. Many times this is a wonderful occasion that we get to experience the thrills and newness vicariously with our clients. It seems that if we could go to a homeless shelter and donate some time, or serve a meal, or make a donation (maybe use the budget earmarked for “dinky trinkets” that we sometimes use for marketing)…. in the name of people for whom we usually buy gifts. Most of us already do a degree of this kind of giving, I know here in Knoxville, TN, the majority of professionals in our field are generous to causes around the community. BUT, this week, the week before Thanksgiving, the week before the hustle and bustle, it seems like a good topic to think about. Just in case you know someone in my area that would want to spontaneously buy a home through the season, please have them contact my office, Blake Rickels, The Blake Rickels Group, Keller Williams Realty - 865.966.5005 Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

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