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Feedback - Your Shortcut to Success!

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NOW! STAY with me on this!

I know! There are no shortcuts to success, but you can be smart about it and cut some corners!

I was just with John Maxwell in Orlando and he brought up some very good points about asking for feedback:

Ask: How can I get better?

  • I don't see myself as others see me.
  • I see myself through my intentions.
  • Others see me through my actions.
  • I give myself the benefit of the doubt.
  • I don't trust my self-evaluation.
  • I don't see the whole picture.

It's the only way to come up with a great idea! Input from others about your idea only improves it. Feedback also promotes a brainstorming atmosphere that generates new and improved ideas. Because it shows I value the opinion of others. THIS is the highest of all compliments.

Feedback is the catalyst for teaching.

Feedback is a personal growth tool.

Feedback gives you new information about you and your performance that you can act upon.

YOU CAN'T have a big ego if you are going to ask for feedback! YOU have to have humility - because at some point in time - the feedback you get may sting.

THIS is GREAT! How else are you going to learn and improve? Don't you just shake your head at some people who could improve glaring parts of their life if someone just told them and was honest with them? Why don't they get that information? They have too big of an ego and people are scared to approach them. They do not have any close inner circle that can be honest with them. Their friends don't care enough to tell them. Their friends may not necessarily be friends - they may be friends of convenience. They are a "know-it-all". They don't stop their life and take the time to evaluate what they are doing and how they are growing.

So - stop a moment and think about where are there some areas in my life where I could ask for feedback?

THE ONE THING you can do NOW?  Ask your closes friend, spouse, or coach - ONE positive thing about you and one thing that, in their opinion, you could improve.

DO IT NOW - or else you will forget about doing it!

Sheila Anderson
Referral Group Incorporated - East Brunswick, NJ
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Good morning John. I think that asking for feedback on business is one thing, but on showings it is a waste of time. If the listing agent doesn't know the home better than anyone else then the sellers hired the wrong person. After a transaction asking a colleague for feedback is another thing.

Nov 23, 2015 09:50 PM