Where to find examples of common non-loan documents needing notarization

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Want to provide notary services for the general public?  Want to see examples of the forms you will be working with?  Here are some common forms needing notarizations and several resources for viewing examples.

Power of Attorney (for general / financial matters)
Power of Attorney for Health Care
Advanced Health Care Directive (aka Living Will)
Vehicle title transfers (car, boat, RV, etc)
Sales tax forms regarding vehicle sales
Letters requesting birth certificates
Vehicle loan papers
Quit Claim Deeds
Declaration of Domestic Partnership
Marriage License Applications
Certified copy of a document
Passport related documents
Medical reports (usually related to adoptions or working in a foreign country)
Diploma, Manuscript, Thesis, Transcript
Financial report or letter of instruction
Grant applications
Bylaws, Minutes, Corporate documents
Pension papers
Timeshare & condominium purchases and sales
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Public library
Many libraries have blank forms for people to photocopy in the library.  Visit the main library in your town and the reference librarian for help.  Show her the above list.

Small stationery stores
FedEx as well as Office Depot and similar large chain stores sell legal forms.  But they tend to not be specific for your state and compliant with your state's rules.  Some mom and pop stationery stores sell blank legal forms for a few dollars each.  Call your local small stores and see if this is the case.  Most will probably let you simply view the forms without purchase if you buy some other things while you are there (paper, pens, etc).

The internet
There are lots of sites that offer legal forms - for a price.  To find free ones, specify that you only want to view government websites.  It is important to use + - and " signs in your search.  A + sign tells the search engine to only show results that include the word after the + sign.  A - sign tells the search engine to not show any sites you have specified by putting the - sign before a word.

Example:  I want to find a free form for a Power of Attorney compliant with my state's laws.  I would use these words in a search:
+"power of attorney" +form +free -price -order -book +gov -com -net -biz +WA
The last one is the abbreviation for my state.

State government websites
If you know the agency that issues the forms, start with their homepage.  There is usually a search field.  For example: The Dept of Licensing handles all vehicle title transfers in my state.  So I would visit and start my search for vehicle forms there.

Travel-related websites
Children traveling not in the company of both parents 

Friends and family
Ask your friends if you can see their copy of their papers related to car loan, medical lab report, thesis paper, IRA transfer request, etc.  Assure them you have no desire to see the money numbers involved and they are welcome to make a copy and black out any private info. 


It is essential that you know your state's notary regulations thoroughly.  You will also need to research some relevant standard practices, such as how many witnesses are required for Wills in your state or how your state handles the certification/notarization of copies.  My state has a special notarial certificate for copy certification.  Some states only allow the client to write and sign a statement under oath that the attached document is a true copy of the original. 

If you have questions, call your Secretary of State's office, notary division.  Never "Wing It."  Always research and know what you are doing.

If you plan to perform lots of notarizations for the general public, get small pre-inked rubber stamps with your state's wording for Acknowledgements and Jurats.  It is always preferable to add notarial certificate wording to a signature page rather than attach a loose certificate - especially if the document will travel abroad after signing.  The absolute best rubber stamps I have used are available from  Order the PRE-INKED stamps, not the self-inking ones.  The image is super clear.  To request a custom stamp, send an email to Keith,  the owner, at  saying that you want to order a pre-inked custom stamp and would he please email instructions to you.  Mention my name for great service (Keith likes me).

The above is the adaptation of a small excerpt from my ebook Marketing your Non-Loan Notary Services.  Sold for $19.98 at 

Good luck!
Laura Vestanen


Joan Bergstrom
Joan Bergstrom Mobile Notary - Riverside, CA
Mobile Notary, Riverside CA

Great info as usual.

Laura's ebook for Non-Loan signers is the best !!

You won't spend a $20 bill in your loan signing career that will get you as much bang for your buck!


Joan Bergstrom

Apr 21, 2008 06:35 PM
Jacqueline Dyson
Dyson's Mobile Notary Service - Sacramento, CA

My general notary work has picked up at an impressive rate. I would like to promote it more, so therefore I am looking forward to your publication. I have placed my order on my to do list today. Thanks for advertising it here.

Apr 23, 2008 04:31 AM
Mary Ellen Elmore
Nunnelly, TN

Laura, as always great information on marketing.

On my website I have a list of, with links to, forms in the state of Tennessee that need to be notarized and are avalible on the state website.


Apr 24, 2008 08:41 AM
Shannon Ziccardi
"A Quick Note" Tennessee! - Clarksville, TN
"A Quick Note" Mobile Notary Tennessee!

Really good stuff Laura!  Thank you!!

"A Quick Note"

Apr 26, 2008 05:47 AM
Jacqueline Dyson
Dyson's Mobile Notary Service - Sacramento, CA
Laura, your e-book is excellent. Thank you for mentioning it here at ActiveRain!
Apr 27, 2008 06:00 AM
Dennis Beckner
Beckner Mobile Notary - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Laura, Thanks for the blog post. I've been racking my brain lately trying to figure out how to drum up notary work outside the mortgage industry. I want to be well established in case the bottom falls out of my business. I appreciate this blog post because it gives me some things to think about.

May 28, 2008 10:12 AM