Riding Motorcycles In The Northeast Georgia Mountains

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There is a lot to be said for the anticipation of riding motorcycles in the Northeast Georgia Mountains around, Hiawassee, Ga. I have been living here in these beautiful mountains for 15 years. There are plenty of out doors things to do. For instance, if you are a boating type person there is Lake Chatuge, a 7,000 acre lake with 155 miles of shoreline that is almost evenly divided between North Carolina and Georgia. This is a great lake for boats that range in size from 25' and down. If you like to trout fish, there are myriads of mountain rivers,creeks and streams to fly fish in.

My favorite hobby is getting on my motorcycle and riding it around the mountains. There is a lot to be said for the solace and serenity of the North Georgia Mountains; but , when you can incorporate a hobby with your job .... what a great thing! I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years and now I have a job as a Realtor that allows me to ride almost anytime I wish. I use the bike to preview houses and shoot pictures, go to closings, deliver contracts and get signatures and the list goes on. I typically won't drive my car unless the temperature is below 50 degrees,I have clients and need to show them property or there is rain in the forecast. I usually will log about 16,000 miles per year on the bike.

Every now and then, I just get on the motorcycle and go for a ride, sometimes I even meet up with someone that wants to buy or sell property while I am out. If you are an experienced rider, bring your bike up to the mountains and take a ride! There is never a dull moment while riding the curves of North Georgia! The thing about riding up here is that you have to concentrate and ride responsibly or you may take a fall.

Most folks that come here to ride have been riding for a while, if you are new to the sport; beware of trying to challenge the curves or to go too fast before you are ready. If you get over confident on roads that you do not know; this can play out very badly for you. Some of the hazards that you face can be , wildlife, loose gravel, cars or other motorcycles in your lane (common in this area), road work and farm tractors just to name a few. If you or someone that you ride with are a novice rider, please take it easy or take a motorcycle training course before riding these mountain roads. I look forward to seeing you and keep the rubber side down! Come ride with a REALTOR in HIAWASSEE, GA.!

Keith Kenner presents mountain homesland and commercial properties as a REALTOR in HIAWASSEE,GA!

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Keith Kenner You are what I call 'Hard-Core'! I used to own several Harleys and gave them all up as the roads became too congested with elderly drivers in Florida. California; just too many crazies dominating the road.

Nov 24, 2015 09:08 PM