Main Reason for UFO & Alien Cover-up by United States Government

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Main Reason for UFO & Alien Cover-up by United States Government ...

Besides the Churches across the Nation that (Do Not) want the truth let out about UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Life on other planets, here is the main reason for the cover-up!

With all the Wars across the World that have happened since the beginning of man, can you imagine what would happened if the truth leaked out about UFOs & Extraterrestrials?

The United States Government has done a great job of making UFO & Aliens out to be a joke, with movies and other means.

After The War of the Worlds radio broadcast on October 31st 1938 by Orson Welles that caused such panic that people were jumping out of buildings, the US Government could never let this happen again.

And since then has made sure that the Crash in Roswell and other events never took place.

The panic, fear, frustration, disappointment and more that has come from people in the United States and around the world with all the wars, 9/11 and touristic events, can you imagine the panic that would come from Exposing the Truth about UFOs and Extraterrestrials?

Do you know that if Extraterrestrials did decide to either take over Earth for Natural Resources and or for any apparent reason, that all we don't have a chance!

Extraterrestrials are so advanced and there are so many different kinds from many different Worlds.

My suggestion to everyone would be ...

Instead of being so worried about other countries taking over, etc, that we should start taking a look at the real picture of our Life on Earth.

UFOs and Extraterrestrials are Real and they do Exist, whether you like it or not ;o/

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Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz  

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Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Believe in UFOs & Extraterrestrials or not ... "There Real" and the Truth will come sooner or later 

Nov 27, 2015 06:13 AM
Bill Reddington
Re/max By The Sea - Destin, FL
Destin Florida Real Estate

Have had some customers that have resembled aliens. Maybe I have had contact. If Life happened here could have happened elsewhere also. Praise the Lord!

Nov 27, 2015 06:30 AM
Marco Giancola
Beachfront Realty - Miami Beach, FL
Realtor (305)608-1922, Miami Beach Florida

Hi Bob-I think we would be foolish and truly ignorant NOT to believe in life elsewhere. Could you imagine if humans were the brightest  spot in the universe?

I know a lot of religious folks that are so terrified what will happen to them from their almighty that to believe is sacrilege to them so they choose not to even talk about it. They already believe in something not of this earth that they have never seen right? Go figure

Nov 27, 2015 06:51 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Bill ... very well said and yes there are some customers that may have been ET's 

Nov 27, 2015 06:55 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Marco ... very well said and so many people around the world have been brainwashed into not believing in UFOs & Extraterrestrials.

Let's just say for a minute that there are 50 different kinds of ET's from other planets. Let's say that half of them are hostile, aggressive and that they want some of our natural resources on earth.

Should be be concerned ... YES!

Nov 27, 2015 07:05 AM
Marco Giancola

Hi Bob-I agree again. I would like to believe that any life form intelligent enough to find us would be friendly but the reality is simple. What would they be traveling around the galaxy for if they weren't looking for something they needed? Look at ourselves through the entire history of man, we see something someone else has be it land, food, water or gold and we slaughter to get it. Simple answer. Can't wait to see the new Independence Day BTW! 

Nov 27, 2015 07:30 PM
Bob "RealMan" Timm
Ward County Notary Services - Minot, ND
Owner of Ward Co. Notary Services, retired Realtor

Robert (Alaska Bob) Swetz as a church going man I think you misjudge the majority of us. I know very few people in my church circles who do not believe in life on other planets. One of our pastors is the biggest Star Wars fan you will ever meet and he couldn't be that way if he didn't believe. So again, I think you are making a sweeping judgement based on very few.

Nov 27, 2015 08:34 AM
Patricia Kennedy
RLAH Real Estate - Washington, DC
Home in the Capital

Bob, my understanding is that aliens think that earth is the armpit of the entire galaxy, and they don't like to come here.

Nov 27, 2015 08:37 AM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

   Hi, Alaska Bob!   Give me your thoughts on the tweets of Twitter poster @SistaLavonya


    Twitter Poster @SistaLavonya

Nov 27, 2015 10:31 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Well hello Bob ... I have to say my friend, I have been talking about the churches and the non-believers now for 4-5 years. You are the first person that has ever come forward with this type of statement, and I think many Christians, etc are coming out of the closet on this subject.

Many Christians and religions around the world don't believe in life on other planets, and there are some that even believe that Extraterrestrials are demons or devils.

Sorry you feel this way about my post or statement, but I continue to believe this, not all but many and of coarse this is only my opinion ;o)

Nov 27, 2015 11:24 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Patricia ... possibly true and it's also possible that we are offspring of ET's, dropped on earth to see how we can evolve or get along.

And it looks like we are evolving faster when the ET's give us technology but evolve slowly within religions and or peace around the world.

I personally think that ET's think as a race we are f____ed up in the heads ;o/

Nov 27, 2015 11:29 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Fred ... I love this and it would make great wallpaper and a screensaver for my computer ... WOW, love the colors ;o)

Nov 27, 2015 11:32 AM
Bob Ratliff
Robert Ratliff Realty - San Antonio, TX
"Sold with Bob"

Howdy Robert, I'm a big fan of "ancient aliens" the TV show and it is interesting and makes one stop and think what they have been taught all their lives. 

Nov 27, 2015 09:20 PM
Raymond E. Camp
Ontario, NY
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Greater Rochester

Good morning Robert,

Someone or something had to teach us how to get out of the Stone Ages!

Make yourself a great day.

Nov 27, 2015 09:57 PM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Bob ... I love watching that program and years ago I enjoyed watching the X-Files 

Nov 28, 2015 02:48 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Raymond and I couldn't have said it better my friend 

Nov 28, 2015 02:49 AM
Winston Heverly
Winston Realty, Inc. - Atlantis, FL

Hi, really enjoyed your post, I'm glad I stumbled upon it from the achieves. Make this a successful week.

Dec 04, 2015 12:34 PM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Winston ... thanks for stopping by and what's you opinion on the subject?

Dec 04, 2015 02:05 PM