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The idea for this blog post came to me on Veteran's Day.  Being the busy entrepreneur and mom that I am, I texted myself a voice message to remember the idea and developed it from there.

A recent, and I might add, inappropriate ad from male real estate agents in Seattle depicted a mother at home with several children clamoring around her whilst supposedly trying to manage her real estate business "part time".  Meanwhile, on their "ranch" the male agents portrayed themselves as suave, sophisticated, full time businessmen who get the job done without the excess "baggage" of parenthood.  The entire ad implied one should hire an agent without the responsibilities of...I am not even going to mention the litany of my responsibilities as a parent of three children.

 What I will write is that I am a wife, a mother of three children age 6 and under and a successful entrepreneur.  I am currently working on my 22nd transaction this year and am proud of that!  

In my home they call me "Corporate".  I balance the books, market my business, look for creative ways to market my client's listings, I write, I have been published, I have copyrighted a business logo and name. In addition to all this, I am a counselor, a teacher, a friend, a volunteer, an advocate, not in just my professional life but in my personal life as well.  

Why anyone should believe in my ability and skill in making sure their property is marketed skillfully and sold is easily explainable for me.  Moreover, any buyer who has worked with me, knows I am committed to helping them achieve their goals no matter how demanding.  I would demand the same.  

So to sum it up, the only person you will disrespect out there when pointing at agents who are actively raising families AND running a successful business is yourself.  Oh and thank you Seattle agents for making me even more motivated to prove your ricidculous ad is ridiculously wrong.  



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~Aimee Schmitt

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Ed Silva
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Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally

The only time a part-time agent becomes an issue to their clients is when they  cause their clients to become late with some of their requirements. Sounds like someone lost something they felt they ewer entitle to to someone that may have been inferior in their minds

Nov 29, 2015 12:26 PM
Aimee Schmitt

Thanks for reading my post Ed Silva, I read about the derogatory ad on AR a while back and never understood the part vs. full time argument, as long as one gets the work done, nothing else should matter : )

Nov 29, 2015 12:31 PM
John Meussner
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Amen Aimee....there are some agents working 90 hours a week that are more part time than it sounds like you are.  There is a way to run a successful business, and it has very little to do with hours worked.  Great post!

Nov 30, 2015 06:17 AM
Aimee Schmitt

Thanks for commenting John Meussner.  Here's to our success!

Nov 30, 2015 11:41 AM