Fun Fact Friday- New York's New Area Code- 332!!!

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APRIL 2017- New York's New Area Code!!!


Word of the new prefix is causing some proud Manhattanites to fear that they will be stuck with 332 — and wind up looking like out-of-town rubes every time they give out their phone number.

“It’s more prestigious to have a recognizable New York number,” said Andy Williams, 32, a DJ. “I just feel like 332 is not really a recognizable New York number.”

Manhattan residents’ love of their iconic area codes is so strong that it was immortalized in the “Seinfield” episode “The Maid,” in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Elaine character suffers the indignity of being mistaken for someone from New Jersey when she gets a 646 area code.

That number — which has since become beloved — was issued in 1999. It was the last time Manhattan residents got a new area code.

Since then, demand for residential and business phone numbers has spurred the need for the new 332 number, the commission said.

The 332 area code will be up and running by April 2017 at the earliest, since phone companies must submit a plan and let customers know about the new code.

In the meantime, New Yorkers will have a year and a half to complain about the new number.

“I like it [646] now. It’s awesome because it became popular for New York,” said Harlem resident Eileen Martinez. “I mean I wouldn’t want a 332 area code.”

Rene Boddie, a 47-year-old Hell’s Kitchen resident, said she’d feel bad for sad sacks who get hit with the new area code because “332 sounds like somewhere out of state.”

If she ever had to move within New York City, Boddie said, she’d fight to keep her current 646 number.

“It wouldn’t be good [to lose it] because I have had a 646 number for so long,” Boddie said.

Manhattan’s 212 became one of the nation’s first area codes in 1945. Then 917 came into being in 1992, before 646 was added.

The state commission said 332 was picked to strike a balance between a number that is easy to remember and one that is not too similar to the old area codes.

“332 was recommended, the commission was comfortable with it, and now that is the new area code,” said Lara Wyss, a spokeswoman for a consulting firm that helped come up with the number.

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Michael J. Perry
KW Elite - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Relo Specialist

Your area code and first 3 numbers (of your 7) used to really tie people to specific geography ! Cell's have just about done away with this .

Dec 04, 2015 05:03 AM