10 Helpful Office Cleaning Tips For Sellers -- A Checklist

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Getting your office prepared for sale isn't a tough task, as long as you're organized and patient. The following simple tips from Antares Offices, a boutique serviced offices company in Sukhumvit, Bangkok can make getting your office flawless and meticulous rather easy and straightforward. 


1. If you're looking to sell your commercial office, your goal should be to make the space as enticing and attractive as possible. That of course means making sure it's clean as a whistle.

2. If you want your available commercial office to look spick-and-span for potential purchasers, you can always hire reputable professional cleaning services for their experienced and seasoned assistance. Even if you do hire professionals, you should pay careful attention to their work to make sure it's exactly what you need out of thorough professional cleaning.

3. Throw away any clutter. This task isn't for professional cleaning services, but rather for you. You don't want the commercial cleaning pros you hire to dispose of anything important, after all. If you want your office to look meticulous and inviting, do away with unnecessary clutter. You want potential buyers to be able to see the potential in your office, not the stacks of old issues of newspapers and unwanted promotional supplies from past clients you have, for example. 

4. Focus on the little details. If you're cleaning your office, it's important not only to focus on the obvious. You've probably already had the floor vacuumed meticulously. You've probably also picked up any large items that are blocking the entrance of your office, too. Those types of organizational tasks are Office Cleaning 101. If you truly want your office space to appeal to people who may just want to buy it, however, you should concentrate on the little things that may not occur to you immediately.

5. Even if you don't think that the potential buyers will be going anywhere near your windows, thoroughly clean and wipe them down. Windows that are sparkling and immaculately clean can be extremely attractive. No one wants to have to look out of grimy and dingy windows day in and day out. Although your potential buyers could indeed clean the windows on their own, first impressions are immensely important. You want them to feel relaxed and at ease the moment they first set foot into your office to tour it. If they walk into your office and get a sinking feeling because of how icky and untidy it looks, chances are slim they'll actually want to go through with purchasing it. 

6. Dust your office well. Don't assume that the people who tour your office space won't be looking at it carefully. They will be. Since committing to buying an office is such a major decision, no one is going to take it lightly and that's 100 percent understandable. This is why it's so crucial to make sure there are no unsightly dust bunnies lingering in any nooks and crannies of your office.

7. If you need help regarding the best way to clean dust, the cleaning professionals you hire can undoubtedly assist you with that. If you're on your own in the dust cleaning department, you don't have to worry either, however. One tried and true dust cleaning technique involves the use of a smooth cloth that's moistened with a little H20. Although wiping away dust with a moist cloth seems a little too easy, it's actually extremely effective.

8. Don't use the standard sweep to get rid of dust in your office. Sweeps are only capable of transferring existing dust to different parts of your office. They're not capable of actually retrieving annoying dust particles. If you're meticulous and patient when you use your moist cloth to dust, you should have very successful results.

9. Take your time. If you're diligent, preparing to sell your office shouldn't be too difficult. Don't rush the process.

10. Get an opinion from a trusted friend. If your friend says your office looks terrific, then you're good to go!

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Hello Joe, welcome to ActiveRain, great tips on office cleaning that can get out of hand easily.

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