Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish & Woodinville WA Private Schools

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For those of you that are moving to the Seattle area,  specifically the "eastside" areas of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish & Woodinville, who wish to send your child/children to private schools, here is a list of the private schools that are available plus a link to most of their websites.

The list will include Elementary & Junior High Schools & Highschools (PK-12)


School:                                               Grades:                         Website:

Absorbent Mind Montesorri School           (PK-4)                 

Bellevue Children's Academy                  (PK-6)                 

Bellevue Christian School                       (7-8)                   

Bellevue Montesorri School                     (PK-6)                 

Cedar Park Christian Schools                  (PK-6)                 

Chestnut Hill Academy                           (K-8)                   

Cougar Mountain Montesorri                   (PK-K)                 

Dartmoor School                                   (K-12)                 

Eastside Christian School                       (PK-8)                 

Educational Advancement Academy         (6-12)                

Emerald Heights Academy                      (PK-8)                

Eton School                                          (PK-8)                

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart   (5-12)               

French Immersion School of WA              (PK-5)               

Hillside Student Community School          (5-12)               

The Jewish Day School Of Metro Seattle    (PK-8)              

The Little School                                    (PK-6)              

Medina Academy                                   (PK-6)              

Open Window School                              (PK-8)              

Sacred Heart School                               (K-8)                

St.Louise Parish School                          (K-8)                 

St. Madeleine Sophie School                   (PK-8)               

Three Cedars School                              (PK-8)               



The Bear Creek School                           (K-12)               

Cascadia Montesorri School                     (PK-4)               

Montesorri Children's House                    (PK-3)               

The Overlake School                              (5-12)               

The Sammamish Montesorri School         (PK-3)               




Eastside Preparatory School                   (5-12)               

Holy Family School                               (K-8)                 

Kirkland 7th Day Adventist School          (K-8)                 



Cougar Mountain Academy                  (PK-5)                 

Dartmoor School                                (K-12)                 

St. Joseph School                              (K-3)                   

Sammamish Christian School              (PK-5)                 

Snoqualmie Springs School                 (PK-2)                



Arbor Montesorri School                    (PK-8)                  

Eastside Catholic School



Chrysalis School                              (K-12)                 

Woodinville Montesorri School           (PK-9)                 

Bellevue Christian School                 (K-6)                   



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