How Often Do Reverse Mortgage Interest Rates Change

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Many visitors to our website ask us if reverse mortgage interest rates change. To answer this question, we must look at the different reverse mortgage products that are available to homeowners over the age of 62. 

There are both fixed rate reverse mortgages as well as variable rate reverse mortgages. If you have a fixed rate reverse mortgage, your rate should not change. To answer the question on how often do reverse mortgage interest rates changes it depends on what standard benchmark rate is used by the reverse mortgage lender. 

How Interest Rates Change on Reverse Mortgage

There are many moving parts with any financial product, but to empower you with the knowledge to understand how interest rates change on reverse mortgages will help you better understand this unique financial product. 

Margin: This is the reverse mortgage lenders profit margin which will be the amount which exceeds the pubicly available financial index. Lender to lender, the margin will vary by financial institution, bank, etc. 

Mortgage Insurance Premium Margin: On top of the upfront fees associated with a reverse mortgage, a yearly fee will be added to be utilized towards the premium for mortgage insurance premiums. This number varies and can change based on how you with to obtain your reverse mortgage proceeds. 

Index Base Rate: This is the interest rate which fluctuates over time. For more information, take a look at this website. which reviews the recent fed rate hike and reverse mortgages. The index base rate is directly corrolated to the fully indexed rate. 

Periodic Rate Adjustments - Are primary for variable rate reverse mortgages also known as adjustable rate reverse mortgages. This is corrolated to the periodic changes of the fully indexed rate.

This should give you a good idea on how interest rates change on reverse mortgages. 

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Very informative blog, thank you for sharing.

Have a Wonderful Blessed Day!!!

Dec 17, 2015 02:19 AM
Andrew Kleinmann
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Thank you IRMA Beltran , I am glad you enjoyed you reading it! 

Dec 17, 2015 04:19 AM

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