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A sample Mapwing.com virtual tours...

Services for Real Estate Pros with Redbug Technologies

Hi All. This is my first blog post to ActiveRain. I'm with Redbug Technologies, the company that built Mapwing.com. Mapwing is a new Web tool that makes it easy for anyone to build, share, and explore virtual tours for free. It's perfect for real estate, tourism, schools, businesses, or whatever else you can dream up!

Mapwing virtual tours enable you to create interactive virtual tours from photos, placed or drawn maps, and comments. There is a whole gallery on Mapwing of user created tours. It is interesting to see how people are using it.

Here is a sample virtual tour. 

Mapwing actually provides a thumb and tour link embedding features. Though, I haven't seen a way to past this into my ActiveRain blog. Anyone have a clue?